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Monday, 14 July 2014

Reasons Why NRIs Look At India for Real Estate Investment Options

 Real Estate Investment

The economy of India with the new government’s initiatives is seeing marked improvement. NRI’s from across the globe are now looking at the real-estate opportunities here as a great investment, simply because there is ‘cash value of the property’, which would rise as the time passes by.

Here, therefore, are a few reasons why best property sites in India are looked thoroughly with investment affection and glee. Hence please read on and be well-informed for the same.

Opportunity to invest
The real estate world in India is a large ocean of opportunities, especially for NRIs living abroad. Sources say that around 30 million NRI’s across one hundred and forty countries have a combined wealth of around $1.2 trillion. The spending power and investment prowess of NRI’s are seen as the highest, especially noticed from 2011-2013 at the foreign exchange levels.

Currency value drop
While NRIs earn foreign currency, they can convert and invest the same back in India, in rupees. When there is a drop in the currency value, it makes investing easier for them, say financial experts. The depreciation value of the rupee back then was an opportunity for many NRIs to invest in the real estate options India could provide. Most residential properties India bought by NRIs gave the investors high returns in the bargain.

Are there risks?
Real estate experts say, projects still ‘under-construction’ have high risk values for those who want to invest in ‘residential properties’ across the country. Delays and political upheavals, court cases and litigation etc, can often go beyond the grips of the project developer. Policy changes or raw material unavailability too have been cited as a reason for delays. However, an NRI investor, thinking of buying a house in India, expects a level of trust.

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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Buying A Property In India? Choose An Authorized Developer

property rates in Mumbai - Umove

Property rates in Mumbai are constantly increasing from the past few decades. The next time you plan to buy a home, check the credentials of its developer.
The real-estate industry has flourished greatly in the last few years. Technically, the growth of the industry can be credited to the increase in income, economic growth of the city and privatization. However, that's just one part of the story. While on one side there are premium real-estate property developers who offer premium services at a premium price, there are other small scale builders who cater to the middle class. Be it a big company or small, being aware of the property rates in Mumbai, the buyers expect a real deal of their investments.

While home buyers are keen to get a good deal of their money, they fail to check if the company they are dealing with is authorized or not. Recently, the residents of a posh locality in Mumbai were issued a notice by the government authorities to vacate their flats on account of illegal construction. While the developers are no more alive and the residents do possess all the documents that state them as legit owners of their respective flats, the government has decided to demolish the whole building. As the building was built more than 5 decades ago and the builders are not alive anymore, the residents have taken charge of protecting their properties.

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Monday, 16 June 2014

Property Rates in Mumbai Will Continue to Rise in Future as Well

Property Rates in Mumbai - Umove

Being the city of dreams and the financial capital of India, Mumbai was always in demand compared to the other cities in India. As millions of people migrate to the city every year to fulfill their dreams, there has been a steady growth in property rates in Mumbai. While the prices of properties are steadily increasing, there is a lack in supply of land even though the demand is high. The acute land shortage has made many building developers and home sellers quote an enormous amount for their assets.

Recently, a 25 acre land in Mumbai suburbs was sold at Rs. 1,155 crore in an auction. This is not the first time a piece of land has been sold at an astronomical price. In the year 2010, a six acre plot in Wadala was sold at Rs. 4,000 crore in an auction. This was a record setting real-estate bid on a national level. The land was purchased by a premium real estate developer to extend the list of their upcoming projects in Mumbai. While on one end there is a rise in luxury apartments, one can witness a majority of people living in shanties and other illegal settlements. This is because, they cannot afford to pay the high rents demanded by the landlords.

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Friday, 23 May 2014

Check The Builder's Reputation Before Buying A Property In India

Many assume that doing a background check on real estate projects and developers is difficult, as it requires some real-estate knowledge. However the truth is that you just need the time and patience to research. A quick internet search will provide insights on the company and the project developer. The customer forum is also a good source to get the required details. Though online research may seem sufficient, it is always better to go in for a field research, as it helps gather accurate details of a property. Talking to other buyers and local brokers also helps in understanding the property rates in Mumbai and estimating the potential growth rate of the asset in terms of pricing.

It is always safe to choose an experienced builder than a newbie, as they are more likely to follow the rules and regulations, and have a professional approach towards dealing with properties for sale. Reputed builders are often a part of industry associations like the Builder's Association of India and Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India. If the builder of your desired project is a part of such an association, then you don't need to worry about fraudulent acts or mishaps, as the regulatory bodies always have a watch on the performance of their members. The builder you choose should also have an ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

There are several websites in India that provide details on upcoming projects in Mumbai and other major cities. And UmoveIndia is one of best property sites in India.

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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Find upcoming projects in Mumbai using Pinterest

As Pinterest is absolutely free and simple to use, many building promoters consider it as a reliable form of online promotion. Moreover, Pinterest has a longer shelf-life compared to other social media tools. This means the pins that a user shares and the ones shared by the boards that they follow are accessible for a longer duration. If the content pinned by the user is engaging and appealing to their respective target audience, then the number of repins and likes from their followers is bound to increase. As the visibility is more and the initial cost of investment is comparatively much less to other mediums of promotion, many developers have started maintaining a Pinterest account to promote their property in India and abroad.

Share your pins with us on our board
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property in India - Umoveindia

Apart from posting visibly appealing images of the properties for sale, many developers also provide information on their brand and provide home listings of their sister brands through their boards. While some real estate agents maintain a different board to share information on the neighborhoods, recreation facilities, transportation, public areas, entertainment and other housing related activities, many maintain a single board that covers all aspects of real estate. Though the building developers focus more on promoting their apartments, they also use the board to pin articles and tips on home d├ęcor, latest designs, news and other content that interests their target audience. As real estate agents often create multiple boards under the same profile, users can follow those boards that entertain and inform them.

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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Top 5 Reasons Why Property Rates In Mumbai Will NOT Decrease

One must realise that the rate of properties for sale in Mumbai will not decrease in the years to come, unlike previous rumours that suggest otherwise.

Analysts and real estate experts state that property rates in the city will not witness any significant drop, in the coming years. Five of the major reasons for it, are as follows:

real estate agents in mumbai - UmoveIndia

Upcoming projects in Mumbai provide top international facilities:
Construction magnates and builders have realised that providing good quality infrastructure is of the essence, in order to attract maximum crowds. Hence, they now provide added facilities such as in-house health spas, gyms, swimming pools and other attractions. In order to regain their investment on these added expenditures, they charge exorbitant rates from buyers, who are lured by the fact that they are receiving so much more for less.

The emergence of ‘commercial-cum-residential’ property has proved successful:
The growing trend followed by a vast majority of keen business professionals is to invest in a residential property, and eventually convert it into a full-fledged profit centre. From small-sized ad agencies to restaurants and hangout eateries, people are now aware of the monies that can be generated from the comforts of their home; and they do not wish to lose out on this extra income, unless the amount offered in exchange is one that gets you thinking.

Majority of properties for sale on real estate websites are from Mumbai:
If you browse through some of the most visited property websites in India, you will realise that majority of properties on sale are posted by users from Mumbai. Individuals have now realised the potential of web property portals; and thus, they post new advertisements from time to time in order to ensure that their word reaches maximum people. The amounts mentioned on the website and the actual amount charged, usually differs as per requirement.

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Monday, 7 April 2014

Choose Environment Friendly Properties In Mumbai...

Eco-friendly flats

Many project developers understand the importance of the environment and concentrate on building homes that support the environment. However, the concept of green homes is still not well understood by most builders. Many new upcoming projects in Mumbai bear the title 'Green' and 'Eco-friendly', simply because the buildings include gardens or have green lawns. Instead of being environmental friendly, these buildings end up wasting more resources as the plants in these properties require more maintenance and water, compared to their native species. To confer the title 'Green building' or 'Eco-friendly homes', the developers have to follow several parameters that begin from the first day of site planning and construction.

The design of the building itself should be environment friendly. Built from toxic-free materials, the building should have an Eco-friendly design that optimizes the available resources, and reduces the need for conventional energy. The building should be constructed, while preserving the soil and the surrounding landscape. A water harvesting plan along with a waste water management system should be introduced. Implementation of renewable energy, water heating systems, proper ventilation, management of lighting and electricity, and other relevant features should also be introduced on new properties for sale. Only when all these measures are implemented, a building falls under the category of environment friendly.

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Friday, 28 March 2014

Invest In Properties In India For Your Second Home

The first thing you need to do before planning to buy a second home is to analyze your income. You should be able to save a certain percentage of your income every month for EMI's. In India, real estate forums are numerous and there are plenty other websites that can help you determine the required budget. Irrespective of how you plan to use your second home, you cannot retrieve the actual cost of investment within a short period of time. Hence, you need to plan accordingly and make a choice that suits you financially.

#BestPropertySitesInIndia - UmoveIndia

The location and the type of house you choose, matters a lot. Be it a commercial property in Mumbai or a residential one, if it is too remote or not in demand, then you are bound to face issues while renting it out. An environment that has a good reputation, nominal maintenance bills and is located in close proximity to public transport, schools, hospitals, etc. offers higher return on investments. A villa or a townhouse not only cost more than regular apartments, but also call for additional maintenance charges which ought to be covered regularly.

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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Why Is Umove India The Best Property Website In India?

Umove India is not a real estate agency, but one of the best property website in India that serves as a point of contact between real estate buyers, sellers and property consultants. The aim of this website is to help people in making profitable property investments in India. The website offers information on real estate by analyzing the market value of a given area, local information and other community tools that aid the users in considering different areas within their preferences, as per their budget. With its comprehensive search facility, the website guides consumers on the various properties that are available for renting and buying.

Best Property Website In India - UmoveIndia

The website also offers exclusive improved visibility feature which aids sellers to double their business prospects. Highlighting the paid subscriptions on the property listing and mailers are some of the services that the website offers to the real estate experts who seek increased visibility. Apart from all this, the site also maintain updated consumer-centric blogs that communicate information on all upcoming projects in major metropolitan cities and other cities in India. It empowers the buyers and sellers with updated market trends, home decor tips, and other property related information that aid them in making quality investments. Thus catering to both the buyers as well as the sellers, Umove India has established itself as one of the reliable and the best property website in India.

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Find Upcoming Projects In Mumbai By Using Real Estate Search Engines

Many residential and commercial properties in India are now listed on real estate websites. Users should use the services provided by them, to make valuable investments.

With every service provider creating exclusive search engines as per their domain, real estate too plunged into operating exclusive search engines to meet growing demands of the people. Property search engines are the new method to find properties at one's convenience. Empowering people with the right resources to make informed investments, many real estate websites provide a comprehensive search facility for buying and renting commercial and residential properties, around the world. Though the idea of booking properties in India through real estate search engines is still in its infant stage, people often look up to these sites to know the recent happenings in the real estate sector, and check the market value of areas that interest them.

 Real Estate Search Engines - UmoveIndia

Apart from listing the availability of properties and related information, these sites also provide a host of other services like legal assistance, valuation, financial advice, relocation assistance, etc., that can aid consumers to make rational choices, as per their budget. One such site that lists all upcoming projects in Mumbai and across other major metropolitan cities in India, is UmoveIndia.

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

What Does The BMC Have In Mind For Upcoming Projects In Mumbai

The prime civic body responsible for all public service affairs within the city, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has finally announced that it has proposed to spend a total of Rs. 31,178 Crore in 2014, to improve the current infrastructure and other facilities of Mumbai. This amount is approximately Rs. 3,600 Crore more than the Rs. 27,578 Crore proposed in the budget for 2013. The refusal to hike tax rates and the upcoming Lok Sabha and State Assembly elections have played a major role in the budget rise. Being the highest earning municipal corporation in the country, the BMC has dedicated Rs. 2,500 Crore, for major road projects such as filling of potholes, completing stalled highways and roads, improved traffic control, reconstruction of worn out bridges and cross overs and renovation of the subways at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and Churchgate railway stations.

This will result in the introduction of new commercial property in Mumbai (Southern Region), as vast majority of public will resort to visiting these stations regularly, to experience the improved infrastructure.

Upcoming Projects In Mumbai - UmoveIndia

Here are a few of the proposals placed forth by the BMC for the year 2014:

1. Construction of exclusive Burns-free hospital and full fledged Cancer centre.
2. Rs. 2,500 Crore to improve condition of roads, will special treatment of potholes for improved traffic flow.
3. Construction and maintenance of dedicated centres to speed up water bill and tax payment along with collection of birth and death certificates. These centres will be open 12 hours a day, from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. and also on weekends.
4. Rs. 8.5 Crore to introduce 3 mobile labs that measure and report air and noise pollution levels in the city.
5. Rs. 1 Crore for the construction of public toilets for women.

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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Looking To Purchase Property In Mumbai?

One of the major factors that positions Mumbai above most other cities in India, is its overall contribution to the Indian economy.

upcoming projects in mumbai - UmoveIndia

The city has the essential infrastructure to keep it constantly connected with the rest of the country and the world. With an active population of more than 19 million, the city is constantly buzzing with activity. The natural harbour in the city is responsible for shipping more than half of the total maritime cargo in the country, whereas the airports in Mumbai deal with more than 20 million travellers per year. The public transport services in the country can also compete with their international counterparts, as a single suburban train network carries more than 7 million passengers with ease, while the bus service transports an approximate of 4.5 million people on a regular basis. These are some of the major reasons why the prices of property in Mumbai are considerably expensive. But, this isn't really a cause for concern, especially when one calculates what they get in exchange for their money.

With a fast-paced life that's comparable to big cities around the world like New York, Munich and Shanghai, the city also has an equally diverse set of inhabitants, with the vast populace being well versed in widely spoken languages. The city has some of the most reputed financial institutions like the NSE (National Stock Exchange of India), the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and the Reserve Bank Of India. It also houses the corporate offices of top-notch Indian businesses and other MNCs. Being a highly developed cosmopolitan city, one can easily find various hangout spots and tourists attractions. The city also boasts of a highly active night-life, with the presence of several international clubs, pubs and fine-dining restaurants for those who want to have a good time. Thus, we safely conclude saying that those looking to purchase property in India, need to look no further than the beautiful city of Mumbai.

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Monday, 13 January 2014

What Makes Studio Apartments The Perfect Place

With a decline in demand for commercial property and introduction of smaller residential projects, now is the perfect time to buy a studio apartment in the city.

studio apartment in India - UmoveIndia
The layout of a studio apartment is very simple, yet unique in every way. Known in the United Kingdom as a studio flat, bachelor apartment or an efficiency apartment, it offers the perfect space for those looking to live alone, or in a small family. In most cases, efficiency or bachelor flats are smaller in size when compared to a studio flat. The concept was introduced to meet the demands of those with minimalistic housing needs, and those looking to start from smaller houses and shift to larger homes, eventually. However, the advent of new residential projects in Mumbai and other top metropolitan cities in India, has resulted in a visible increase in demand for more and more 'One-room kitchen apartments' (which is the alternate term for a studio apartment in India).

A Studio apartment is generally made of a single room, with one hall-cum-bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom attached. Such apartments are considerably small in size, ranging anywhere from 200 to 450 sq. ft. The total space available is about 15-40 metres. The kitchen can either be located in the hall, or in an adjoining room, with a separate bathroom. Thanks to its compact design and superior accessibility, many well-known builders and contractors are now resorting to development of larger one-room kitchen projects, instead of focusing on introduction of upmarket commercial property in Mumbai and other developed cities in India. This has resulted in the availability of larger, cost-effective studio flats in Thane and other Mumbai suburbs, and in the NCR area around Delhi.

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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

This Festive Season, Gift Yourself A Property in Mumbai

Property rates in Mumbai are generally quite high. But during festivities, you can always avail of good offers to gift your family, the perfect dream home!

Festivals and public events give the people of the city, a much needed break from their regular hectic schedules, and allows them to indulge in other social activities such as exchanging gifts, sweets, greetings and individual happiness. At such times, businesses are booming and one can easily see 'FOR SALE' signs everywhere. Several Indian corporations and their multinational counterparts offer discounts and buybacks on almost everything, ranging from simple shirt buttons and ties, to high end jewellery sets and luxury cars. But, what about buying flats in Mumbai?

Buying property in India is certainly a good long-term investment. With the various opportunities the city of Mumbai has to offer, there can be no better place to buy a good house for your future. Festivals are all about gifting and spreading the love and joy, with one another. There may be all kinds of gifts you can give your family, ranging from new clothes and gadgets to even a brand new car. But what could possibly be a better gift for a loved one, than a dream home/ property in Mumbai?


Monday, 30 December 2013

Is Purchasing Flats In Mumbai Still Affordable?

With the reputation it holds and the over-priced demands of the sellers, buying flats in Mumbai is not very simple, especially during present times. As per the experts who monitor the real estate business, the demand for land has been growing, at a stable rate over the last four years. However, the over-priced values, especially on residential apartments has made aspiring home buyers shift their focus to neighbouring areas, which are a few meters outside Mumbai city. It is to be noted that the demand for luxury residential projects is growing at the rate of 35 percent every year, whereas the demand for regular residential homes is at 66 percent. As Thane and Navi Mumbai are located in close proximity to the city, their prices too have increased at about 70 and 74 percent respectively.

new residential projects in mumbai - UmoveIndia

In spite of lack of clear space and its escalating value, the demand for property in Mumbai continues to be stable, since many are keen to buy a second home within the city limits. The investors bear a strong belief that the value of real estate in the city will always increase irrespective of the economy or any other significant factors. Analyzing the same, the real estate experts ensure that all of the real estate investments in the financial capital will always garner interest for its stable financial growth and demand. However, affordability will continue to be a matter of major concern for majority of the public in the city.

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Monday, 16 December 2013

Investing In Property And Real Estate Is A Great Idea

Everyone has the urge to increase and multiply their overall accumulated income, which is usually done in order to ensure a financially secure future and a stable money resource. In order to achieve the same, most people resort to different means that are over and above the regular sources of income generation. These include ready actions such as investing in stock markets and gold or in other forms of income such as money lending or investing in bonds. However, one of the most stable and profitable forms of making money is by investing in real estate or property in India, or other well known countries across the globe, as it certainly offers better returns and security than most other forms of investment.

Investing in real estate - UmoveIndia

Investing in real estate is a great investment option, as property allows you to generate constant income from a steady immovable source. Moreover, with the regular rise of property rates in Mumbai and most other top market places in the world, the value of your purchased property will keep increasing with time and will surely provide an excellent return on investment. One can choose property investment as a safer way of making money, without really losing out on much. However, it is essential to take all the necessary precautions before you commence your real estate investment initiative.

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Saturday, 14 December 2013

The Future of Buying and Selling Property is Online

With the advent of the digital era, property websites have cropped up in large numbers and offer various deal-breaking features that cannot be overlooked. At such times, preferring to place your advertisement on other forms of communication medium can prove to be a huge mistake, especially due to the large amounts of ad clutter on most prominent highways and other areas in Mumbai. Most consumers believe that if they book an ad space for their home in their local newspaper or Yellow Pages, it will gain maximum visibility and thus, they will be easily able to sell their property. However, people must realise that using these techniques to sell your home reduces the odds of achieving success with the same.

By registering on an online property management website, you easily increase the odds of a successful sale, purchase or rent of flats in Mumbai, and also entitle yourself to the following benefits:

Improve chances of search engine exposure
Most people make use of internet search engines to find relevant answers to their every need. In most situations, property and real estate sites as well as 'For Sale' sites have definite search engine rankings on top websites such as Bing and Google. These sites also have provisions for sharing your adverts on social media websites and other online marketing platforms. This easily doubles the chances of conducting a successful sale or property transaction.

property in Mumbai - UmoveIndia

Ability to maintain direct contact with buyer/ seller
With the help of property dealing websites, users can interact directly with buyers, sellers or even agents, via direct messages, chat rooms, comments and other forms of communication. Most websites receive various Mumbai related property adverts on a daily basis, which subsequently makes the job easier for all parties involved in the transaction.

Advantages of Free Registration
Several top websites make use of revenue received by advertisers for their daily operations and profits. Which is why, these websites are known to offer the benefits of free registration to all their customers. Users can subsequently log on to their respective virtual ids and keep track of the progress and status of their updated adverts related to their property in Mumbai. Also, with the availability of advanced mobile applications, they can stay updated on the go.

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