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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Looking for the Best University in Dubai? Read on…

Dubai is among the most famous of the 7 cities that make up the Emirates. With its mega structures, bright lights, the best global brands and representation from almost every country in the world, Dubai today is a megacity that still has retained its culture and tradition while marching into the future. People come here from all across the globe as tourists and to work as well, as Dubai offers world class facilities and infrastructure.

Along with its urban development the UAE has put in a lot of thought and effort into its education system as well. And the locals as well as expats have benefitted from this.  These universities even have students coming in from other countries to avail of these facilities. It is difficult to pinpoint just one college as the top universities in UAE when each offers students a global environment, great campuses and the most qualified staff. One can choose from the options available to select the best university in Dubai based on individual requirements. Everything from medicine, engineering, social sciences and even research facilities are available at these universities.

With the convenience of the internet one can easily look for and find the top universities in UAE right from one’s home or desk. Information on every university is available on sites that review and write about educational facilities across the world or on individual university sites. The best university in Dubai will have their own website showcasing all their facilities and achievements and detailing their curriculum and admission processes. Most of these sites also have trained and qualified staff available 24*7 to answer any type of query on chat and to guide a student to find the best university in Dubai.  Undergraduate and postgraduate course are also available at these universities. 

Students looking to study engineering will find Bits Pilani the top universities in dubai. With a conducive atmosphere for research and consultancy, Bits Pilani offers its students and researches all the facilities and infrastructure required for their projects. Most of the students are helped to have their futures planned out before graduation. Bits Pilani offers student housing facilities, student visas, medical facilities, cafeteria, IT services and very good sports facilities. There are also scholarships for students in various categories like Board exams, Qualifying exams, Competitive exams and even for those excelling in sports.  There is financial aid as well as concessions available for those students suffering from a disability, for those who have lost the earning member of their family and even a sibling concession. With all this on offer Bits Pilani is definitely the best university in Dubai.    You can find more about the university on its website, i.e.

About Author:
Mahesh Shiraskar is an academician. He insists students to conduct research in order to find the best university in Dubai, one that meets their needs.