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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Advancements in High Voltage Cable Technology

When we think of electrical cables, we think of those wires and cables that aren’t really of any value to us.  We know that they transmit electricity, but we aren’t aware of any other purpose that these cables serve.  That is the reason why we don’t tend to care a lot about it.  With time, though, technology has evolved and things have transformed at a very brisk pace.  Today, these cables play a significant part in our day to day living.  We might not even be aware of those uses.

Let us first think of fireproof cables.  As the name suggests, these cables are fireproof.  It is not difficult to guess that they work towards the safety of our family.  By being fireproof, they ensure that our house, and our family, is kept safe and secure at all times.  Along with that, instrumentation cables power various electrical instruments.  Can you remember all the electrical instruments that you use in a single day?  Right from the clock to electrometers to voltmeters to various others – these are devices that help us in our daily lives or work.  Many engineers rely on these devices too.  Instrumentation cables help support all these instruments.  Can you think of your life without your home and office’s wall clock?  If not, then we should be thankful to the advancement in this technology.

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Thursday, 14 May 2015

House Wiring Solutions to Help You Avoid Regular Problems

How important do you think wires and cables are for your housing project?  A lot of you reading this might have never given this topic the importance that it deserves.  This is because we hardly see house wiring, and thus we tend to ignore the same.  However, some statistics might startle you.  Most house fires caused, around the world, are due to malfunctioning house wiring systems.  If you convert this into real numbers; it leads to a huge volume of personal injuries, deaths, and property damage.  The risk is even higher in older houses because of the technology that is used.

Therefore, there are things that you need to take care of.  The good news is that there are many things that one can do to ensure that one never has to worry about house fire and all the implications that come along with the same.  Here is a list of some of the things that you can do for the same:

Gain Knowledge: The first thing that you need to do is gain pertinent knowledge about wires and cables.  Many times, the problem lies in our lack of knowledge about the field.  You don’t need to be an expert.  All you need to do is care about it, and read about the same when you have time.

Work with Experts: The second point worth considering is the supplier that you work with.  Because we hardly care about this topic, we don’t tend to work with the right supplier.  Unlike many other industries, the right supplier does not vary from one person to another.  It is easy to identify an expert – one who carries high quality products, is professional, has great after-sale service, and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure your family’s safety.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Why Is It Important To Hire A House Electrical Wiring Expert

 house electrical wiring solution

The modern day belongs to those people who want to do their tasks themselves.  The Do It Yourself generation has risen, and these people like to perform all their tasks themselves.  It is good for various reasons.  One, they learn the art.  In the world today, it is so important to know different arts and this phenomenon of doing it yourself allows you to do that.  Secondly, it helps you avoid paying to the specialist too.  If you can do it by yourself, why would hire a specialist for the job?

However, when it comes to house electrical wiring, it is imperative for you to consider working with an expert.  Most professionals would be confused why we say that.  However, there are definite reasons why working with the expert is absolutely imperative for you.  Following is a short list of reasons that we have compiled for you to hire an expert for your electrical house wiring jobs:

1. Lack of Information: At the time of performing any other task, it is okay for you to lack some information.  You learn as you go.  However, electricity is not as kind on you.  It does not give you the opportunity of lack information and still stay safe.  There are so many different elements that it becomes difficult to know all of those.  Take the example of cable glands.  These glands are available in different variety, and it is difficult to know the difference without being an expert.

2. Types of Cables: What cable will be the right one to use for your house?  There is no one size fits all here.  In fact, different types of cables can be used for different activities.  The use of instrumentation cables has picked up in the recent past.  However, are you sure if your house wiring would need such cable?


Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Why Designer Fans India Are In Great Demand?

best ceiling fans in india

As we all know, fans play a very crucial role in our day to day lives.  Not many houses are equipped with central air conditioning systems yet.  This means that fans have to be there to keep the house cool during warm months.  Most part of the year in our country is warm enough to require fans.  However, the demand for designer fans India is going up considerably.  The reason for this is that people want to make their houses appealing and decorative along with having all the designed functionalists.  This is not only the case with ceiling fans in the country, but also with pedestal fans in India.  The increasing property rates have forced people to look for smaller houses.  In such situations, pedestal fans can play a significant part in keeping you cool.

There are some things that you need to keep in mind when you buy ceiling fans or pedestal fans in India.  Many brands are offering designer versions for their customers, but it is important for the buyers to be aware of the various constraints too.

PRICE: You might want to be aware of the price of the fan before you decide to buy that.  What you can do is to search for best ceiling fan price in India, and that will give you an idea of whether that fits into your budget.  If it doesn’t, you can also look at other fans that suit your specific pricing needs. 

Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Marvel Of Advancement High Voltage Cable

Instrumentation cables

There has been a great change that has taken place in the world of technology in the recent times. However, when it comes to high voltage cable – things haven’t really changed considerably.  The kind of technology that you see today, along with the various variants, is pretty much the same as they were a couple of decades ago.  The real changes have been in terms of insulation standards that helps protect again the leakage of electricity.  Following are some of the types of high voltage cable that you would most commonly see:

INSTRUMENTATION CABLES: There are numerous electricity powered instruments that we see around us.  In fact, many of us don’t even realize the number of such instruments that we see around us.  Let us think of some examples.  A wall clock that you see in your room is one such instrument.  The others include voltmeters and electrometers.  All of these devices are powered by high voltage cables.  Instrumentation cables help run all of these devices smoothly.

AC/DC POWER TRANSMISSION: These are one type of cables that are an extremely important part of our lives.  If we think of home entertainment, what are the things that come to your mind?  You would certainly think of the internet.  That is strongly powered by AC/DC power transmission.  Most wireless devices run on these cables, and that is how we manage to access wi-fi internet.  Think of what will happen if we could not log on to the internet.  We will be denied of all the beautiful things that internet has brought into our lives.

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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Things You Should Know About High Speed Fans In India

Everyone who is reading this article will know that fans are an integral part of our lives in India.  If we draw our memory to a decade back, we will realize that ceiling fans were among the only options available.  However, with the passage of time pedestal fans in India have picked up in popularity too.  Knowing about some of the following things shall help you take a decision when buying a fan:

SIZE: Construction in India has been varied in terms of the sizes of the apartments that are being built.  There are some houses that have large rooms.  However, some of the budget housing that is coming up does not have enough room for large fans.  In that case, you cannot buy ceiling fans.  You will need to consider pedestal fans for yourself.  If you have some place, though, ceiling fans can be more comfortable.

DESIGN: High speed fans in India are now designer too.  These can match the design of the room.  If you have a kids’ room, you can find fans that can match the requirement.  Therefore, you need to keep that in mind at the time of taking that decision.

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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Pedestal fans in india are picking up in popularity

Pedestal fans in india

Fans are an essential part of an Indian home.  With the kind of weather that we get in India and the type of houses that we build, a fan fits right into our lifestyle.  It can help us stay cool during the warm months.  It can either compliment the air conditioner or be used by itself, depending upon how hot it is at that point of time.

Recently, though, some of the best ceiling fans in India are facing stiff competition from the pedestal fans.  If one casts one’s memory to a couple of decades back, there was absolutely no competition to the ceiling fans.  However, the modern generation seems to be gravitating towards pedestal fans too.  Following are some reasons why pedestal fans in India are picking up in popularity:

AFFORDABILITY – The first thing that comes to mind is the affordability of the pedestal fans.  If you have been in the market for fans, you would know that these fans are cheaper as compared to their ceiling counterpart.  The ceiling fan prices in India are highly affordable, but the pedestal fans are even cheaper.  Therefore, they serve as the perfect choice for the first-time home buyers.


Saturday, 7 February 2015

How to identify the most suitable wire company in india

Cabling and wiring

Cabling and wiring is an extremely essential part of any home.  When you look at a home, you might appreciate the looks of the house, the furniture that has been used, or even the paint applied on the walls. However, we tend to miss the real strength of a home that lies in its cables and wires.

Given the importance of cables and wires, it is extremely important for us to know the selection criteria that need to be deployed at the time of evaluating wires and cables manufacturers in India.  This article shall acquaint you with some aspects that you need to consider during the process:

Experience: The very first thing that can make a significant impact on your selection is the experience of the companies under consideration.  The companies with more experience can be considered more acclimatized to the industry.  New companies can do the job too; however, the experienced ones can smoothly handle all challenges that crop up during the wiring and cabling of your home.

Accreditation: A cable manufacturer India can be known by the company’s website and also the testimonials that it has received.  What is most relevant, though, is an accreditation.  There are well known bodies (eg. ISO) that certify companies meeting the desired standard.


Thursday, 22 January 2015

How To Ensure That Your House Wiring Works Seamlessly

electrical house wiring

We are all aware of the significance of proper house wiring.  We live in houses and we know that poor house wiring can lead to many mishaps and casualties.  What all can happen if the house electrical wiring is not properly installed?  In that case, it can lead to property damage if a house fire is caused by a short-circuit or some other wiring related problem.  Other associated problems can include injuries to the residents of the house, deaths, etc.

That is why it is imperative that you take the necessary steps to get everything right with your electrical house wiring.  One of the causes of the problem is the lack of information.  People tend to possess limited information about electrical cables and other aspects of wiring, and that can lead to problems.

Following are some tips that you are suggested to follow for the same:

WATTAGE COMPATIBILITY – Being aware about wattage compatibility can hold you in good stead.  Using electrical products with higher wattage than suggested for the infrastructure can prove to be ghastly and something that you need to stay away from.

INSTRUMENTATION CABLE – When the instrumentation cable is used, you need to make sure that the highest quality cable is used.  After all, it is a matter of your family’s wellbeing.

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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Electricity Consumption Of High Speed Fans In India

In the recent times, electricity rates have considerably risen.  A common household would be aware of the effect that such rise in rates has had.  This has meant that you have to pay more from your pocket every single month.  So, what do you do in that case?  Most households tend to start looking at avenues of cutting cost.  The first place you look at is lights.  A lot of people are under the impression that lights consume a lot of energy, and therefore they start reducing the use of lights when their electricity bill rises.  However, high speed fans in India can be a significant contributor to electricity consumption too.  Let us take an example, a tube light (which is not the most efficient form of lighting) consumes about 55 watts of energy.  A large sized ceiling fan on the other hand can consume much more than that.  Moreover, what is also worth noting is that such ceiling plans are generally running during most part of the day, while the lights have to be put on only during the night. 

So, what is the objective of informing you about this?  This information is there to help you make more informed decisions when you buy ceiling fans.  Here are some things that you need to know when you decide to buy ceiling fans or even pedestal fans in India.

THE SIZE OF THE FAN: It is a misconception that the larger the size of the fan, the more effective would it be.  You need a fan that can circulate sufficient air in the room.  Hence, it also depends on the size of the room.  However, what you need to know is that larger sized fans can consume more energy than the smaller ones.

ENERGY RATING: Some fans also have energy rating available.  These ratings are meant to inform you about the energy efficiency of the fans.  The rating is conducted by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency.  Given that this is an authentic body, it shall provide you enough information about the same.

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Friday, 26 December 2014

How Energy Efficient Are High-Speed Fans

high speed fans in india

Planning to Buy Ceiling Fans Online, wait, read what is important to know and then make a decision. What you should be thinking of is efficiency, apart from the budget you can spare. Efficiency would be determined by the output over input, rates or quantity wise of the ceiling fan in question.

When thinking of buying pedestal fans in India, there would be boxes that would show more energy data for your convenience and knowledge. Some have ENERGY STARS on them as labelling, and numbers that indicate the speed too; along with consumption, efficiency and usage too.

With high speed fans in India and all the knowledge easily available online, don’t just rush to the store this season to pick one – read more and learn about the best energy-efficient fans that can bring to you savings and high performance. According to your needs, your budget and the area where the fan shall be installed – pick one!

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Friday, 12 December 2014

Make No Bones Choosing The Right Electrical Cables

cables and wires

One of the biggest reasons why short circuits happen and homes are burnt to ashes is because of the faulty wiring and the wrong electrical cables chosen. While selecting cables, a certified instructor would best know the amperage and heat generation associated with the product. If the wire is too small, the heat can cause the insulation to damage everything around. The size of the wire would be proportionate to what the amperage and heat dissipation would be. Hence choosing the right wires or cables for electrical fittings should be done with due-diligence, stay safe!

The circuit type
Installing a circuit is no big deal, but knowing the type of circuit to use is. Do you want a 110-volt or higher, maybe a 220-volt? Would it have a circuit that is dedicated or not, and what would it be used for; television, computers or the home appliances that wash and clean utensils and clothes? Be wise and then make a decision while choosing electrical cables.

Amperage determination
When installing a circuit, one has to think about the amperage. Let’s for example say a water heater this winter needs to be installed – in most cases, one would need 220v circuit for the same, and 30amps too. Read the instructions very carefully, or a morning shower could turn fatal!

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Friday, 21 November 2014

Tips On How To Select The Best Ceiling Fans In India

I tend to travel very often and continuously visit some cold countries of the world.  When I speak with some of the locals of that place, they can never believe that we can have houses without heaters.  However, it is the complete opposite here.  Can we believe that there can be a home without fans?  For your information, most houses there do not have ceiling fans.

Now that we have touched upon the topic of ceiling fans, let us also discuss about the significance of high speed fans in India.  Not only do we need such fans during the summer months, they are extremely important to have in the other months too.  In fact, many regions in India never get as cold and people tend to use fans for almost about 9 to 10 months a year.  Hence, I decided to speak about how to select the best ceiling fans in India.

Budget: The first consideration that you might want to have is your budget.  When you start looking out for ceiling fans, you have to also be sure of how much are you planning to spend.  This will help you shrink your consideration set.

Shopping Around: Not only do you need to know the budget, you need to shop around a little too.  To be able to find the best ceiling fan price in India, you will have to look around various stores.  With the advent of online shopping, you can complete this process with ease and in very limited time.

Room Size: Sometimes the size of the fan needs to be determined on the basis of the size of the room.  If the room is too large, you might even consider having pedestal fans.  While pedestal fans in India aren’t as popular as ceiling fans, they certainly work wonders for smaller rooms that might not be able to accommodate a decent sized ceiling fan.

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Electrical House Wiring - How To Select The Right Supplier?

Electrical House Wiring Solutions

How To Select The Right Wires And Cable Manufacturers In India?

There is no dearth of wires and cable manufacturers in India.  Like many of the other industries in our country, this one is full of competitive players too.  However, do all of them offer the same plinth of quality?  Let us look at a few considerations that you must have before selecting the manufacturer that you wish to work with:

Quality: The first point to consider will obviously be the quality of the cables and wires, along with the other electrical products, that the supplier offers.  You might want to read their customers’ reviews before taking a decision.

Innovation:  The world is progressing extremely fast, and you cannot afford to lag behind.  Therefore, product innovation is an important consideration too.  Does the supplier of electrical house wiring and cabling provide newer and modernistic products?

Availability: You will obviously be keener on working with a supplier whose products are available easily.  This depends on the kind of distribution network that the manufacturer has managed to establish.

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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Bring Home The Best Ceiling Fans In India This Diwali

best ceiling fans in india

When refurnishing your home to bring in the festival of lights, Diwali, do not ignore the importance of checking on the existing electrical house wiring. A lot of attention should be paid on the following, before you bring home one of the Best Ceiling Fans in India;

1. quality of wiring
2. the type of electric appliances that would be used
3. Quality of cables/wires and more.

Lack of attention and diligence on the same may end up in disasters and fatality; which we wouldn’t want anyone to face. Hence, take care while redoing the electrical wiring, and here are a few pointers to ponder on. Please read on and be well-informed for the same.

If you are checking the internal house wiring, the RCC Slab may need to be dismantled to check for defects and problems. This could be a costly affair, but do it to be safe and treat it as an investment.

Defective wiring can bring in miseries and we do not want to even get started on that, because we all know the disastrous outcomes it can shower. Hence, only a professional or a certified electrician should be summoned for the job. He would ensure that the installations of high speed fans in India are done as per the Indian Electricity Acts and Rules. The materials for any of the wiring needs would be at par ISI specs.

Ensure that the total load is calculated keeping in mind the number of appliances which would be used at home. When the electrical house wiring solutions are being discussed and installed, the wiring should be able to bear the future load.

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Latest in LED and House Wiring Solutions Explained

Polycab Lighting Creatives

Before you invest in electrical cables and LED's, we would ask you to check online and read reviews on which lighting would be best for your use.

For most of us, home is where the heart is! But, is your home fully protected and safe? Think again, it is probably not as safe as you think. People spend plenty of time and money on renovation to beautify their homes, but when it comes to their house wiring, they consciously compromise.

Ever since the news on LED discovery Noble Prize announcement was made, everyone across the world, especially homemakers have had their ears pinned up and high. Thanks to the advancement in technology, LED now is being looked at as a replacement from the ubiquities of conventional lighting and the incandescent bulbs.

Why is this so?
Before we even start top debate about the rise and popularity of LED lights, we would first ask you to think on practical notes - would you want to save money and have more energy, or are you happy paying a bomb? We think a lot about house wiring solutions when refurbishing our homes, don't we?

Well, now the time has come to think of 'good things in small packages' - LED's.

LED's have captured the fancy of many, because they are solid, small, and the width of the lights depend on the design, and are aesthetically pleasing too - cost-effective to say so. Use them as headlamps, flashlights or even as task lights, cluster them around or simply do away with the conventional ones and have the LEDs at home instead, LED's are making waves.

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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Efficiency and Safety News on House Electrical Wiring

Homeowners these days have a wide-range of technological options. Some homes have instrumentation cables on high-end, residential cabling and plenty of upgrades done as well. Internet phones, Web television, gadgets and games etc; all of which puts burden on the house wiring like never before. Most of the homes built back then cannot handle the pressure - 50 years back, the wiring was a different ball game altogether. Homes these days should be wired for modern day technological needs - or else the products wouldn't work efficiently, and safely!

This article shall throw more light on house wiring and how modern day technology can assist in effectively managing all your wiring needs.

Installation of electrical house wiring should be done with due-diligence; safety matters come first. Studs and staples can hold the wires well, but can deform the wires over time, and bring down the performance or longevity too. Cables have to be installed in the right locations and in proper poise; no pinches allowed and avoidance of tight turns is a must as well.

Hence, it is important to note that safety comes first and one must take care of everything while performing electrical house wiring. From the quality of the wires to the method of installation, everything counts.

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Thursday, 11 September 2014

How Much Air It Moves - Buy Ceiling Fans Online

attractive range of fans

The market online is flooded with a wide range of designer fans India offers to the world. Most of them have claims of bringing down energy bills and of being super-efficient' in more ways than one - with DC motors installed as well. With the rising cost of electricity all around the globe, such energy bill saving can translate into a large amount that can be invested somewhere else.

One has to take a look at the best high speed fans in India, which have plenty of efficiency in their functioning, for their homes. In most cases, a home would need a ceiling fan (per room), which runs on 355 CFM/Watt, to be highly efficient. This is the definition of €cubic feet per minute of airflow'; produced by the fan for the number of watts the appliance consumes to generate flow of air.

Hence, with best ceiling fans in India the more the air consumed for every watt used; the more efficiency given by the fan. However, one should look at buying ceiling fans which have eco-motors' at least, they use state-of-the-art DC technology motors, which wouldn't consume too much power while circulating air; a win-win situation.

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Friday, 15 August 2014

Choosing From An Attractive Range Of Fans - Guidelines

best ceiling fans in india

Irrespective of the type of fans being bought- doing your homework on the quality and price, makes all the difference.

How To Choose The Right Fan?
Not all of us would want to have a ceiling fan or would check for Ceiling fans Prices in India, some of us may want pedestal fans for better usage.  When buying any ceiling fan, one should determine the following;
1. The location and positioning of the fan
2. Blade span of the fan
3. Is the room a large one or a compact one
4. Flow of air impact
5. Circulation issues if any, and more

Remember, when choosing from the best ceiling fans in India, the blades of a fan plays an important role in how it would bring in more air circulation. Simple fan blades wouldn’t need much maintenance in comparison to those that are cosmetically enhanced for aesthetic reasons.

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Monday, 21 July 2014

How to get your house wiring right?

wires and cables manufacturers in india

A lot of times we would like to do up our switch boards and electrical connections without thinking about electrical cables running through the house. Read this guide to prevent any mishaps related to electricity in your house.

We often think of redoing the placement of switchboards and appliances in our house to give it a fresh new look. However, we seldom pay attention to the quality of wiring that we are using in our houses. Did you know that if you use inferior electrical house wiring then your appliances could short and cause a fire in the house? A lot of cables are made of inferior quality materials which make your appliances susceptible to fires.

Here are some tips on household wiring:

Before getting down to rewiring your house or switchboard, have a talk with your electrician. Older houses had wiring's in the tree system while the newer ones use the ring system. Redoing of house electrical wiring would depend a lot on the kind of house you live in. Therefore, you should find out the kind of wiring you have at home by consulting an electrician. Listen to what he has to say carefully but do not depend on him fully. Conduct some background research by yourself too.

Get an electrical wiring map done of your house so that you know where it is feasible to add a switchboard or remove one.

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