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Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Importance of an Advertising Agency in the Market

Media solutions agencies in India

Media solutions agencies in India are few and far in between. This makes finding the best suited agency for you individual needs rather difficult. Advertising is not an easy job, and it involves juggling many variables to get the best possible fit for your brand and/or product.

Any media agency in India will tell you that there are three main streams of advertising: electronic, social, and print. A good advertising campaign will include all three in various proportions so as to properly spread the message of your brand. The stream which will appeal to most number of users of the product should be given the most importance when. For example, heavily branding a product used by senior citizens online will be of no use. Similarly, putting newspaper ads and notices for a product predominantly geared towards teenagers is again of no use.

The mix of different streams and optimal use comes with experience and expertise. Choosing the right ad agency in India is as important in today’s world to success as building a great product. It is no more the case of “build it, and they will come.”

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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Importance of Printing Media in Today’s World

Importance of Printing Media

Creative ad agencies in India are well aware of the role that social and electronic media play in today’s world. They are well poised to take advantage of the opportunities that this form of media offers. And it cannot be doubted that there are great advantages. Some of these are higher reach, international exposure, easy spread etc. and all at a very reasonable cost.

However, what some advertising agencies in India fail to realize is that while social and electronic media are technological equivalents, there is still one important form of advertisement.And that is the print form of advertisement.

Printing ad agencies in India make full use of this, the third form of advertisement as well. These are used to cater to those people who do not have a strong grasp on technology. For instance, senior citizens will come under this category. Apart from these groups of people, print media is also an eye catching way to appeal to regular readers of newspapers and magazines.

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Take Your Business to the Next Level by Hiring the Right Brand and Advertising Agency In India

print media services

In today’s world, recognition is the key to a successful business as it is the first step towards building a relationship with your clients and targeted audience which eventually leads to building your brand.  With the evolution of several new and improved methods, advertising plays an integral role in bringing your business into the limelight amidst cut-throat competition.  The advertising and marketing scenario has advanced extensively since the 90s and now you can find endless advertising agencies in India offering a gamut of services. These solutions include print media services, graphical designing and digital media solutions. Therefore, it is extremely important to identify the right media solution agency for your business. In order to evaluate an agency known for its credibility and is perfect for your brand, you can follow the following criteria:-

Categorical and Experiential Expertise
Today, in order to choose the right media agency in India, it is very important to understand their abilities by studying how wide is the service range offered by them. Secondly, it is important to know if they have the right of expertise in handling your brand. It is also essential for you to understand the kind of clients they have provided this service to, ability to keep matters confidential and their marketing strategy in order to select the right creative ad agency in India

Creativity Galore
Creativity is the backbone of any advertising campaign hence it is important to know how creative the agency that you are hiring is. It is not necessarily important for the advertising agency to have past experience in the industry you are from, but it is important to know how creative they can get with your campaign. Thus creativity is an essential factor to be kept in mind while hiring a full service ad agency in India.

Advanced Technology
In today’s day and age, where there is more focus on digital media, it is important to choose a firm that makes use of the latest digital technology. Your campaign may ask for many technological aspects hence a company must be equipped with all tools to fulfill your requirements.

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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Print Ad Agencies Contribute To Make Print Media The Most Sought After In Advertising

Indian advertising agency

Indian advertising and marketing has a substantially large market size which has contributed in the extensive growth of creative ad agencies in India. Clients prefer spending predominantly on print advertising followed by television which has accelerated the revenue quotient of this industry. 

Be it the biggest annual sports events, political campaigns or movie promotions, print media has become the most sought after medium of marketing and advertising. Masterminds behind creating magic on print are print ad agencies in India. Looking at the growth aspects of print media, a recent report released has stated that this medium will continue to dominate the market for the next few years in India followed by other means of media advertising such as digital media, Television, radio and social media sites.

Successful Print Media
Corporate brands have been extensively hiring experienced brand agencies in India who have been churning out successful print media campaign that have appealed extensively to the masses. With the increase in number of e-commerce websites and fmcg companies, the demand for print media has increased thereby increasing the revenue generated by this medium. A recent report released has stated that print media will continue to remain the best advertising medium followed by television which is a close second.

Radio Revenues
With the mushrooming of so many radio stations recently, radio has shown a large amount of improvement when compared to a few years back as it is been used by creative ad agencies in India to form ad campaigns for companies and political parties. These campaigns have an extremely large outreach as radios are extensively used in every nook and corner of India.

Digital Media
Digital media has shown improvement over the last 5 years and is the largest medium apart from print media. It has seen spectacular growth thereby contributing to a raise in its revenue.

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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Providing tailor made branding solutions

When looking for a creative agency in India, it is important to understand what you need before approaching a professional. Depending on your range, market size and so on, the type of work you will need to get done will be extremely different.

You might need market research done, a small survey of sorts taken and so on. Every company needs a highly personalized branding strategy. It is not a one size fits all industry. A full service ad agency should be able to cater to all your wants, tap into your market, and most importantly, have the experience and contacts necessary to make the deal as smooth as possible.

Rego Advertising has all this and more. A creative advertising agency in Mumbai with decades of experience in the advertising industry, it promises to be a one stop stop for all your branding needs.

Rego understands that no two companies are the same, and that each campaign must be tailor made to suit the personal needs and wants. With both creative and media departments, we are certainly suited to the task. A healthy portfolio that reflects the wide variety of work that we have done in the past shows that we have what it takes to be both versatile and efficient.

Our philosophy is simple. Ideas that are mediocre will result in lackluster campaigns. Ideas that are over the top and showy will simply not work. The best ideas are those that are grounded in common sense with a liberal dose of originality, and this is how we work. Our plans are like bicycles. Simple, healthy, and the one reliable thing in this random and confusing world.

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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Branding and Brand Agencies in India

Brand Agencies in India

A brand is the most important thing in business today. Making people remember your brand is at the forefront of marketing thought, and it is no wonder than large companies spend millions of dollars into branding.

What is a brand? In essence, it is what your customer can expect from you. It also shows how different you are from your competitors in the same field.

Advertising agencies can help with branding in many ways, and this is where they truly shine. Even though most people think of television advertisements when they think of creative agencies, the work that a branding agency does is far more.

They can help with marketing, taglines, print media, and social media advertising and so on. A good branding agency will ensure that your product stands out amongst your competitors, delivers your core principle and establishes buyer loyalty.

Traditionally, ad agencies in India have not received a lot of recognition for their work. But this is slowly and surely changing. With companies recognizing the need for a good brand, advertising agencies in India are getting more and more work, and their worth is finally being recognized. This is an encouraging trend, and is sure to continue.

There are plenty of advertising and print media agencies in India that you can choose from. It is important to ensure that the agency you choose has the necessary reach and publicity skills for your product. Also make sure that they can tap into the market you’re looking for. A good rule of thumb is to check their previous clients. If they did good work for someone in a similar niche as yourself, they can probably do good work for you as well.

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Importance of Outdoor Advertising for Business Growth

Outdoor Advertising agency in mumbai

As a business owner, your prime focus is on boosting the growth of your business, expanding your consumer base and making more profits. Most businesses rely on advertising and PR support for promotion of their products and creating more awareness among their target audience. Advertising, as most people understand, is the visual or electronic promotional material that aims at promoting a product or business. However, advertising has taken on a completely new form today. Till a few years ago, the objective of an advertisement was only to promote a product and enhance sales.

Today, advertisements serve as a medium for the company to engage with its target audience or customer base. There are several ways in which a company may advertise itself – through traditional media such as newspapers or electronic channels or through the new-age media such as social networking sites or popular search engines etc. Another major form of advertising that has taken on a more aggressive form is outdoor advertising.

Outdoor advertising has become an integral part of any company’s advertisement plan today. This form of advertising reaches out to the target audience of a brand when they are out of their homes, away from the television or internet. You will see large hoarding and flexes placed in strategic locations in the city so that they catch the attention of the right audience. The advantage of outdoor advertising is that it allows place for a lot of creativity and imagination.

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Friday, 19 December 2014

Advertising options in India

Outdoor advertising in India
Outdoor advertising in India has directly and indirectly become an inevitable part of all our lives. Whether we notice them or not, they are everywhere. Our cities are covered with huge billboards or banners hanging down from the shopping mall next door. Out door advertising comes at a higher price but it has the capability to reach people who have either no access to the media or are too busy to access the media. As a business owner, if you want to reach out to each and every person out there, outdoor advertising is a good choice. There are plenty of outdoor advertising agencies in India. If you are looking for an education fair or a housing fair, just take a peek around you when you are at the signal.

Some businesses plan their own advertising campaigns, how to start, where to start, target audience etc. For those business owners who want to completely outsource their advertising campaign have the option of full service ad agencies. These agencies will handle everything, from planning and creating ads to producing your ads. They also perform market research and selecting media. Now some of them offer additional services like, public relations and website designing, market planning, interactive marketing etc. So, one can just sit back and enjoy your morning cup of coffee while your sales are at their peak.

Advertising agencies in India have a number of options for different types of businesses and business owners. One can choose from a variety of services and a variety of ad agencies that will cater to one's needs. There is no shortage of choices giving us flexibility on how we chose to promote your business.

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Friday, 28 November 2014

Why Do You Need a Creative Ad Agency

Brand Agency in Mumbai

The importance of brand marketing cannot be denied. An electronics giant like Samsung, which is known throughout the world and respected, spends around $1 billion on advertising every year to stay ahead of the competition. With so many options being made available to consumers, getting yourself noticed can be difficult. An advertising agency in Mumbai also handles your social media network profile by trying to boost "likes" on your Facebook page and getting "followers" for you on Twitter. To observe the effectiveness of the promotional campaigns on social media sites, a decent creative ad agency in Mumbai also uses analytics tools. Using these tools, any media agency in Mumbai can also predict the popularity of your brand in the coming future along with the likely campaigns that would boost its popularity manifold.

A seasoned advertising agency in Mumbai makes use of minimal possible resources to give you maximum exposure for your brand. No wonder then, that companies nowadays hire ad agencies for building their brand's value.

Companies earmark almost 30 percent of their total capital outlay for operations for advertising. An advertising agency in Mumbai draws inspiration from the smallest of things to come up with a unique campaign for you. Think of the Titan or Cadbury ads- they have instant recall value which has given them a band of loyal followers. For any brand to survive in the market, the help of a creative ad agency in Mumbai is required.

A good media agency in Mumbai has a battalion of creative professionals who dabble in newspaper, radio, billboards, television and other sources of mass media. They come up with crisp campaigns within 30 seconds and these are highly impactful upon the masses. The impact may be created through a catchphrase or visual (in case of print media or television). They interact with clients extensively to understand the kind of image an owner wants to project for his or her brand. Accordingly, the team of copywriters and consultants come up with suitable ideas and motifs for the same.


Saturday, 18 October 2014

Writing The Best Brief For A Creative Ad Agency

Media Agency in Mumbai

Any creative advertising agency requires a proper brief to actually keep on track of the objectives and branding goals of the client.

Any brand agency requires a solid brief to function properly and this is one of the most crucial aspects towards the eventual success of any project. A written guideline should be clear and concise enough to give the creative team proper insights about the client's branding objectives and the entire purposes of the campaign as a whole. The creative brief has to be designed in a proper manner, covering all the stages of the project from the initiation of the concept to completion. The creative brief should contain brand strategy, execution details, client goals and the desired target audience.

The account executive usually prepares the desired creative brief post meetings with the client. A seasoned advertising and marketing agency usually prepares a specialized system where in-house job tickets are generated during entry. Creative briefs also make sure that requisite team members are allocated to suitable jobs and also possess contact details of clients, deadline information, budgetary information, project based execution stages and other important dates. This is very crucial for appropriate project planning.

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Friday, 17 October 2014

How Advertising Agencies Can Make Winning Client Pitches

advertising agency in mumbai

Making a pitch is an art and advertising agencies have to master the same if they want to get more clients and big business.
Advertising pitches are constituted of the basic proposals of any creative advertising agency with regard to marketing and promoting services and products. This usually contains campaign objectives and also puts up a forecasted picture of the expected results. These pitches are asked for by clients for choosing the best agency for their brand.

The pitch should put forth the agency's solutions for making use of the client's budget in an effective manner for the best possible results. Agencies should arrange for meetings on a regular basis with brands that are looking for campaigns for their products.

A pitch should contain a profile of the target market for the brand campaign along with other market research information that may be necessary. The product preferences of target customers can also be detailed during the pitch in addition to demonstrating the uniqueness of the creative campaign proposed and the ways and means by which the client products will be differentiated from competitors.
The creative proposals for the campaign should be outlined by the creative agency during a pitch. The creative team should provide a glimpse of the innovative campaign that they are looking at for the client.

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Monday, 15 September 2014

Tips on choosing an advertising agency India for your brand

An Indian advertising agency is a worthwhile investment if you want to showcase your brand and make it stand out from the competition. However, it is imperative that you choose the most suitable ad agencies in Mumbai for your needs. Every reputed company or brand spends a huge amount of money on advertising and you should thus make sure that your time and investment is being utilized in a proper manner. Here are some tips for choosing the very best advertising agencies in Mumbai.

A good brand advertising agency always works as a partner and not a mere vendor. This is something that you should definitely check out before making your decision. The agency should be on the same page with regard to your company goals, objectives and aims. Many advertising companies often show some initial interest and drift away later. This is vendor-like behavior and does not work for this sector.

A good campaign necessitates a partner-like approach on part of the agency along with proper emotional and professional attachments and symbiosis. The right agency will definitely express interest in learning more about your company and its objectives. The agency should also be providing recommendations on positioning the project and brand based on their knowledge of your organization as a whole. This will put the entire thing into perspective and give you an overall strategy instead of short-term, narrowly focused campaigns.

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Friday, 12 September 2014

Some Essential Pointers Before Finalizing a Communication Agency

Working with any Ad Agency India can be a potential nightmare if you are not careful enough. You should always keep in mind some essential things to make a success of your advertising campaign. Any media agency in India may promise you the moon when it comes to getting the best possible marketing and promotional results but you need to be really careful here. You should make sure that you have an all encompassing branding solution for your company. Jumping from one vendor to another is an excruciating process and will only eat into your time and mental reserves.

You should always focus on finding the right agency for protecting and showcasing your brand identity. Always go for agencies who can give you a comprehensively tailored package for all your needs. There are always specialist vendors for different areas of operation but sometimes, it is much more viable and cost effective if you have a sole agency partner catering to all your needs. The best possible agency in this case should provide services like in-house media buying and planning, web designing, market research, printing solutions and even public relations. The agency in question should have its own design studios in India which will save you a lot of headaches for sure!

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Why Should You Hire a Brand Agency in Mumbai for Your Company?

Creative Ad Agency in India are equipped enough to handle the marketing of various agencies on various media such as television, radio, social networking websites and print media. From writing a caption for your product to coming up with unique advertisement concepts that would bring in instant brand recognition for your product, everything is handled by advertising agency in India.

These companies come up with 30 second videos for airing on television and various channels on YouTube. Ten second advertisements for radio show slots are also prepared by these companies.

Brand Agency in India also takes care of promoting your brand on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter by starting various campaigns on it that showcase the attractive offers of your company. They can also spearhead campaigns where the number of likes on your Facebook page increase and some of them are converted to sales.

Moreover, they also take into account email marketing and release of article content. After releasing a particular ad campaign, they analyse the success of it by measuring the traffic on your website or Facebook page.

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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Building your brand image through an advertising agency

There are several advertising agency in Mumbai that handle the promotion of one’s products in order to build a customer base. These agencies handle slogans, press releases, video campaigns, voice campaigns, social media campaigns and much more. They come up with innovative concepts which signify what your products stand for and help to create instant brand recognition for them.

Full service ad agency has a team dedicated to different kinds of tasks such as email marketing, creating ads for television and YouTube commercials and even a team for coming up with unique radio advertisements. Representatives of the ad agency would sit with representatives of a company and take their inputs about their own product.

Based on client inputs, the creative ad agency comes up concepts and ideas that would showcase the product base and appeal to a wide number of people. Not only are these ideas targeted for television viewers and radio listeners, but also for word of mouth publicity.

In today’s time, a lot depends on word of mouth publicity and more number of people subscribe to a product based on word of mouth rather than being bombarded with information on various platforms.

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