Monday, 7 April 2014

Choose Environment Friendly Properties In Mumbai...

Eco-friendly flats

Many project developers understand the importance of the environment and concentrate on building homes that support the environment. However, the concept of green homes is still not well understood by most builders. Many new upcoming projects in Mumbai bear the title 'Green' and 'Eco-friendly', simply because the buildings include gardens or have green lawns. Instead of being environmental friendly, these buildings end up wasting more resources as the plants in these properties require more maintenance and water, compared to their native species. To confer the title 'Green building' or 'Eco-friendly homes', the developers have to follow several parameters that begin from the first day of site planning and construction.

The design of the building itself should be environment friendly. Built from toxic-free materials, the building should have an Eco-friendly design that optimizes the available resources, and reduces the need for conventional energy. The building should be constructed, while preserving the soil and the surrounding landscape. A water harvesting plan along with a waste water management system should be introduced. Implementation of renewable energy, water heating systems, proper ventilation, management of lighting and electricity, and other relevant features should also be introduced on new properties for sale. Only when all these measures are implemented, a building falls under the category of environment friendly.

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