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Follow These 4 Tips To Avoid The Ghost Called UTI From Haunting You

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Menstrual cramps, PMSing, pregnancy related mood swings, the list of issues women have to deal with is endless. Another common issue faced by many women is urinary tract infection, also referred to as UTI. Now while you cannot completely stop issues like menstrual cramps, mood swings during pregnancy or suppress the dramatic version of yourself when you are PMSing, as all of these are biological changes mostly related to your hormones and are a natural occurrence, what is under your control is averting problems like UTI. UTI, unlike the issues mentioned, is not your body's own calling, but is mostly related to your lifestyle and hygiene, as pointed by urologists in Chandigarh. UTI can sure be extremely painful, not to mention the discomfort that you experience. So much so that you might consider and actually practice holding your pee rather than torture yourself by experiencing burning sensation and unbearable pain in the pelvis area and lower abdomen. The frequent urge to pee, inability to hold it in, bloody urine, and contracting fever are the other symptoms that you experience on contracting a urinary tract infection.

The major cause of UTI in women is infections caused by a type of bacteria in the vaginal walls and subsequently to the urethra. The bacteria can ascend from the urethra to infect the bladder, causing lower tract infection, or travel upwards from the bladder to the ureters infecting the kidneys which leads to upper tract infection. Women are more prone to contract urinary tract infections as a woman's urethra, which is the tube connecting the bladder to the outside of the body, is shorter than that of a man. While there are antibiotics prescribed by a urologist to cure UTI, there are many preventive measures that can be observed to avoid the repeated occurrence of one. The key to this is to limit bacterial overgrowth that leads to the infection. This can be achieved by incorporating a few small but significant lifestyle related changes in your daily life. Following are the effective preventive measures that can save you from frequently contracting the dreaded infection:

1. Flush out the harmful bacteria: Water sure works wonders for your body. And by regulating your water intake to consume at least 6 – 8 glasses a day helps flush out all the toxins and unwanted bacteria. What is also important to note here is that postponing a trip to the loo when your bladder is hinting that you need to hit the washroom is not a good idea. Always attend the call of nature when you feel the urge as you could be risking unwanted bacterial growth in your bladder by holding you pee.

2. Good toilet hygiene is the key: There cannot be enough emphasis laid on the urgency and seriousness of practicing good toilet hygiene. In addition to going to the washroom when you need to, ensuring you clean yourself right after having used to washroom ensures you do not give a breeding ground to bacteria. Cleaning and wiping yourself is extremely important. Another factor that can lead to a bacterial build-up is spending long hours bathing in a bath tub as bath water can get contaminated rather easily and contaminated and one's own skin florae lead to such a contamination. Sitting in a tub filled with bathing water can cause the bacteria to reach the bladder thus resulting in UTI.

3. Fabric is your best friend: Though fancy sounds fun, it is not really healthy when it comes to the fabric of innerwear. Non-breathing fabrics lead to moisture build-up allowing bacterial overgrowth. Cotton is the most appropriate fabric as it is breathable and does not let moisture to accumulate. It is advisable to use cotton for daily use to keep moisture and thus bacteria at bay.

4. Go the natural way: The vaginal area contains naturally active good bacteria that ward off any infection. A balanced pH is essential to keep the right balance of good bacteria and it is very crucial to not disturb this natural pH. Products such as fragrant intimate washes, body wash, sprays and powders interfere with the natural pH and thereby disturb the growth of good bacteria which then allows the infestation of harmful, infection causing bacteria. It is always best to use plain water to wash the intimate area as it is sufficient for the required cleansing and does not adversely affect the natural pH.

These tips do come in handy to help reduce the risk of contracting a urinary tract infection. However if you do suspect you have contracted an infection, seeking medical help is essential, and the urologists Chandigarh has are the right point of contact.

Looking For A Home Loan? These 6 Terminologies May Come In Handy

Investing in a residential property is a milestone in life and the mammoth task comes with a lot of work to be done. Earlier in the day purchasing a home was quite difficult taking into consideration the enormous capital required. However, the easy and hassle-free availability of home loans by banks and financial institutions has made it all the more convenient to have your own home in the city. This is essential favourable for those residing in metropolitan cities like Mumbai where the standard of living is comparatively on the higher side. All the expenditures of day-to-day life, different costs that a citizen has to make way for and other liabilities leave little room to be able to save the sum required to invest in a house at one go. This is where home loans in Mumbai come into play and save the day for the majority. All said and done, the process of taking a home loan is a task in itself, what with all the lengthy paperwork and cumbersome financial and legal formalities that come with it. This can be a little overwhelming for all the big technical terms and jargon that can be difficult to interpret. While we may be familiar with some of the terms, there is also a high possibility of not knowing its relativity to the context of home loans. It is always better to be well-equipped with the explanation of the terms and terminologies associated with home loans to be able to comprehend the information. Read on to enhance your knowledge about the most common terms affiliated to home loans.

1. Disbursement: The usage of this term is not limited to home loans alone but spans across almost all loans. The word is used to refer to the release of the sanctioned loan amount by the money lending institute to the customer. Once all the paperwork is in place and the required formalities are completed, the sanctioned loan amount is disbursed to the borrower via a cheque which can then be deposited by the borrower in their loan account. As per the arrangements between the bank or financial institution and the customer, the loan can be disbursed in one out of three ways, viz full disbursement, partial disbursement, and advance disbursement. Usually, advance disbursement comes into play in cases of new construction projects that are underway and the entire loan amount is disbursed by the bank well in advance, before the completion of the project. On the other hand, in partial disbursement, a certain percentage of the loan amount is disbursed at various stages of completion of an under-construction project.

2. Margin: There is a certain percentage of the loan amount that can be taken against a property set by the RBI. For any property, a borrower can take a maximum loan of 80% of the property value and the remaining 20% has to be paid by the borrower. This remainder 20% that is paid by the borrower is known as the margin, more commonly referred to as the down payment made by the borrower.

3. Credit appraisal: Before approving a loan, a thorough financial background check of the borrower is conducted so as to determine the applicant's eligibility to acquire a home loan as well as to calculate and deduce the maximum loan amount that can be sanctioned. This entire process is known as credit appraisal of the applicant. Factors like age, qualification, nature of work, income, savings, existing loans and previous payment history among others are taken into account to judge the same.

4. Credit worthiness: Post the credit appraisal, the repayment capacity of the recipient that is established is termed at the credit worthiness of the recipient. The credit worthiness assures the home loan repayment capacity of the applicant.

5. Security: The bank lending the loan keeps an asset of the borrower as a security. This security, also termed as collateral, serves as a protection for the bank when the borrower fails to repay the loan. In cases of home loan, the home being purchased for which the loan is borrowed serves as the asset. When the borrower defaults in repayment of the loan, the bank has the right to sell the security to recover the loan amount.

6. Pre-approved property: Builders usually get their properties pre-approved by money lending financial institutions to establish the credibility of the builder as well as that of the property. This implies that pre-approving financial institution has done a check of the legal documentation of the project and post the verification, it has given it a stamp of approval. This also includes doing a background check on the builder's previous projects and timely completion of the same. However, this does not necessarily mean that a home loan on every pre-approved property will be sanctioned. Also, the project will be completely within the stipulated time duration is also not guaranteed inspite it having received a pre-approval.

Now that you have enriched your knowledge with the common terminologies associated with home loans, it will become easier for you to decipher the information shared. If you are looking for home loans Mumbai has a number of leading players that you can get in touch with and realize your dream of owning your dream house in the city.

For(d)ward Your Way To A Slick City Drive

Owning a four-wheeler has become a necessity in Chandigarh, thanks to the working culture and general way of life of people here. Now, saying this in no way means that we like to put up a show and make a style statement just for the heck of it. But living in the region does require one to have one's own conveyance. It is an established fact that every household in Punjab and Chandigarh owns a two-wheeler vehicle. Life without a two-wheeler here cannot exist, and it is just a way of life. Likewise, a majority of families do own a car of their choice and this is not a luxury but a necessity of sorts. Recently we decided to sell off our old car and purchase a new set of wheels as the car had been our loyal companion for more than a decade and it was time for an upgrade. This time around my father opined that I choose the car as now I would be using it more than him, as he is a retired man and in the last couple of years I have been the using the car to drive my way to work. Now that I had the liberty to pick the car of my choice, and could also afford to buy one, thanks to my savings, I wanted to go for the one that I had been eyeing for a while – the Ford EcoSport. Let's just say we Punjabis have a thing for SUVs. Plus, this car has been drawing all the attention since its launch. Going for a Ford drive was never a question as there is a sense of reliability that the brand has built in us over the years. What I appreciate about the car manufacturer is the fact that the brand always stays ahead of the game by ensuring that the latest technological innovations are incorporated in their latest models. This shows how driven the brand is to continuously impress its customers and win them all over again. This, along with factors like the performance of the engine, the design, and salient features of every model. Considering I had pretty much made my mind about the model, my parents insisted that we visit one of the many Ford cardealers in Chandigarh to test drive the car before jumping the gun.

At around the same time, my father's experience came into play when he enlightened me that though the SUV is a great purchase for sure, I did need to factor in a few aspects. Just like most other regions in the country, Chandigarh too faces the problem of ever increasing traffic. And the rate at which there are traffic jams in the recent years has been crazy. Parking issues are inevitably related which means that finding a parking spot every time I am out and about will be a task for sure. Now that my father made me realize this, I did have second thoughts about my purchase as I would be using the car primarily to travel to office on a daily basis. In such conditions, a hatchback seemed like a more viable option. We did visit a couple of Ford dealership outlets to have a look at our options and have finalized the following two hatchbacks from the brand for specific reasons listed below:

Ford Figo S: This sports edition of the dependable and popular Figo is the perfect example of practicality meets performance. The sporty look of the car adds a zing to the high-performance Figo range. The visual uplift that the Figo S has is one of the major factors that has piqued my interest in the car and made its way to my shortlisted cars. The diesel engine promises to be tractable in the region and deliver high-performance when on the highway. The impressive engine clubbed with its lightweight construction are features worth noting, ones that make a huge difference and impact.

Ford Freestyle: Now this one is what they call to be the cross-hatch version of the Figo. This one comes with an all-new five-speed manual gearbox which makes quite an impact. The raised height of this crossover is one of the features that had me sold. It makes it look so strikingly different from the regular Ford Figo model, and I am totally in for such a look. The enhanced look is so well justified by the powerpact performance that the engine delivers. Add to it the splendid chocolate and black colour theme of the cabin and you have a stellar car! Honestly, I am more than impressed!

Both the cars do complete justice in terms of the performance and are competitively priced as well. After taking both these for test-drives at Ford car dealers Chandigarh has, my father and I were definitely pleased. The concerns of parking and easy manoeuvring through the traffic that my father had are both well taken care of by both these models. Though both of these justify my needs and are stunners in their own right, I do feel a little more drawn towards the Ford Freestyle, more so because of its exterior and design. I think I do have my new car all figured out and I cannot wait to steer my way on the streets.

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Know International Courier Services Better

The introduction of courier services in the market has made life a lot easier when it comes to sending parcels to another person who is standing miles away from you. It omits the need for you to personally travel and have the parcel delivered. What is amazing is that its service reaches across the borders of the city, state, country and continent. My father has a handicraft store and often gets order from merchants located in around 10 to 12 cities across the country. When I introduced to him the concept of courier services, he was amazed at how well it worked. I remember him narrating to me how painstaking it would get when the orders were high to personally go and deliver the items. A fair share of his savings would go in traveling from one city to another, making it a rather expensive affair. But his love for handicrafts didn't let him give up the store. Now with the option of having courier services on his side, he has seen great benefits. He has tied up with a renowned courier service and has his parcels transported without an ounce of hassle. He now finds himself in a much better space now. Not only is he less tired, but he has more time to spend on making his business better. Over the last few years, he has seen his business soar to new heights. He has extended his business to three more cities. My father is a happier and more prosperous man now. I too have got into the business and I'm looking to take it to an international level. Because let's face it, we all know how exotic the Indian products are considered to be across the seas. As I browsed through the establishments offering courierservices in Pune and spoke to them about my international shipping plan, here are a few things I learnt.

Not every country allows everything – It is important to research on the items that are allowed to be shipped to certain countries and the one that are restricted. Doing your homework on the rules and regulations set for each country with regard to what can be couriered will save you an ample amount of time. For instance, in Europe it is highly imperative to complete and have attached a customs declaration when a parcel is being sent out of the country. If the details of anything are incorrect, then you could be in big trouble. As per an article I had once read, one cannot ship clown costumes to the southern region of France. This is because 6,000 strong village of Vendargues have banned the costume. A number of pranksters were known to cause immense panic among children and therefore to keep this at bay, the place has banned clown costumes. You cannot export chewing gum to the City State of Singapore. They are on a mission to keep the city clean and therefore are trying to keep chewing gum off the streets.

Securing package is the most essential – Be sure that whatever you are shipping is legal and within the specified laws. Make sure that you are packaging it well. You may have to end up paying a bit more to have it wrapped and sealed, but you had rather do that than have your item damaged. Sometimes simply using bubble wrap isn't enough. You may have to place the item in a wooden box with hay all around it. By packaging your shipment well, you save it from being damaged in any way. When in transit, not always can you be entirely sure of how well it is being handled. Therefore make sure that you spend enough time knowing what is the best way to pack the item you are having shipped.

International payments may vary – One aspect of international shipping that can turn an experience sour for you is international shipping cost. A misconception that many have is that they have to tear open all their bank accounts to pay for the shipment. If you research well, you will be able to know how much are the exact costs to ship various items to different countries. Also, bear in mind that this is going to be shipped across the country or continent. So, factor in that when you are working out your costing. Every country has their own set of charges, but knowing this in advance will save you from paying more than you really ought to.

By keeping this tips in mind, I was able to make successful shipments without burning a hole in my pocket or having myself thrown in depression. I have tied up with two recognised companies offering courier services in Pune and they have delivered exceptional services to me on every occasion.

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4 Vegetarian Tandoori Dishes That Are A Must Try

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Whether a foodie or not, one fact that everyone will agree with is how the mention of Tandoori food often goes hand in hand with non-vegetarian preparations. The perception that 'mood to have Tandoori food' inadvertently means the craving to devour some succulent non-vegetarian preparations like different types of Chicken Tikkas, Tandoori Seafood Platter and the likes, needs to be changed as there are a couple of misconceptions with regards to Tandoori food. Contrary to popular belief that Tandoori food is a type of cuisine à la Chinese, Italian, or North Indian cuisines, the fact remains that it actually is a style of preparation wherein the food is cooked in a hot clay oven. It is the style of cooking the food in different types of these tandoors that renders the food that typical and unique grilled and smoky flavour. Another myth to be busted here that Tandoor preparations are not just limited to various types of bread or rotis and meats. You can toss together all the ingredients for the marinade which imparts the actual taste to the main dish and follow it up with the other ingredients to make the dish of your choice, which may not necessarily be a meat or fish preparation. It may sound delusional to many but vegetarian kebabs do exist and once served to you, you will surely be bowled over by the sheer deliciousness of these. What is interesting to note here is that just like its non-vegetarian counterpart, vegetarian kebabs do come in a deluge of varieties. Read on to find out the best vegetarian tandoori preparations that many Tandoori restaurants in Mumbai are popularly known for.

1. Corn Kebab: This is one preparation that you can have on the menu as a starter for your next dinner. It is quite popular among children and the innovative plating itself is enough to have you indulge in the crispy delicacy. Sweetcorn dominates the preparation along with potatoes while green peas is an optional ingredient but is commonly found. The best part of the preparation is its non-oily nature due to the chosen grilled method of cooking. Tangy Pudina chutney makes for the best accompaniment of this exciting vegetarian Kebab that can give the good old Fish tikka a serious competition.

2. Tandoori Tofu: A great substitute for the good old Paneer, Tofu is quite popular among foodies. More so because of its nutritional value. Made from soymilk, Tofu has great health benefits with its high iron, protein and low fat content. Giving the classic Tandoori Paneer a break, try the Tandoori Tofu instead which is high on taste as well as bears many a health benefit too for you. Served on skewers and plated very interestingly, this dish will leave you impressed at the word go. The rich gold hue of the turmeric peeping through the deep sunset orange tint from the grill makes quite an Instgrammable impression. The thought that food is consumed by all the senses holds quite true in this context as the aroma from the grilled preparation build your appetite, the platter served in front of you is quite a visual and finally the taste of the rich spices in the creamy marinade satiate all your cravings. It is time for you to try this one!

3. Veg Seekh Kebab: Yes, you read that right! A dish called veg Seekh Kebab does exist and does complete justice to its name, just like its succulent non-vegetarian cousin. The best part of these vegetarian Kebabs is unlike the chicken or mutton Seekh Kebabs, the vegetarian one can be prepared using diverse combinations of ingredients and is not limited to just a couple of vegetables that can be used for the preparation. A combination of potatoes, cabbage, carrots, french beans and green peas is among the favourite ones liked by many a food lover. The delightful golden-brown colour of the tandoor preparation plated with finesse is just what you need to sate your hunger pangs. Dips like Pudina chutney and yoghurt garlic sauce add a distinct flavour to these scrumptious kebabs.

4. Mushroom Tikka Kebab: Whoever said that Paneer is all there is to vegetarian food has definitely never given vegetarian food a fair chance and made a judgment just too soon. The Mushroom Tikka Kebab is one example of just how palatable and tempting a vegetarian dish can be. The extremely nutritious and delicious mushrooms are grilled with Bengal gram flour and some of the choicest spices and condiments which make it the perfect preparation for snacks.

So the next time you head to one of the Tandoori restaurants Mumbai has, steer away from your usual non-vegetarian Tandoori orders and experiment a little with the recipes mentioned above and you will be pleasantly surprised by how toothsome vegetarian Tandoori preparations are.