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Friday, 11 May 2018

Follow These 4 Tips To Avoid The Ghost Called UTI From Haunting You

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Menstrual cramps, PMSing, pregnancy related mood swings, the list of issues women have to deal with is endless. Another common issue faced by many women is urinary tract infection, also referred to as UTI. Now while you cannot completely stop issues like menstrual cramps, mood swings during pregnancy or suppress the dramatic version of yourself when you are PMSing, as all of these are biological changes mostly related to your hormones and are a natural occurrence, what is under your control is averting problems like UTI. UTI, unlike the issues mentioned, is not your body's own calling, but is mostly related to your lifestyle and hygiene, as pointed by urologists in Chandigarh. UTI can sure be extremely painful, not to mention the discomfort that you experience. So much so that you might consider and actually practice holding your pee rather than torture yourself by experiencing burning sensation and unbearable pain in the pelvis area and lower abdomen. The frequent urge to pee, inability to hold it in, bloody urine, and contracting fever are the other symptoms that you experience on contracting a urinary tract infection.

The major cause of UTI in women is infections caused by a type of bacteria in the vaginal walls and subsequently to the urethra. The bacteria can ascend from the urethra to infect the bladder, causing lower tract infection, or travel upwards from the bladder to the ureters infecting the kidneys which leads to upper tract infection. Women are more prone to contract urinary tract infections as a woman's urethra, which is the tube connecting the bladder to the outside of the body, is shorter than that of a man. While there are antibiotics prescribed by a urologist to cure UTI, there are many preventive measures that can be observed to avoid the repeated occurrence of one. The key to this is to limit bacterial overgrowth that leads to the infection. This can be achieved by incorporating a few small but significant lifestyle related changes in your daily life. Following are the effective preventive measures that can save you from frequently contracting the dreaded infection:

1. Flush out the harmful bacteria: Water sure works wonders for your body. And by regulating your water intake to consume at least 6 – 8 glasses a day helps flush out all the toxins and unwanted bacteria. What is also important to note here is that postponing a trip to the loo when your bladder is hinting that you need to hit the washroom is not a good idea. Always attend the call of nature when you feel the urge as you could be risking unwanted bacterial growth in your bladder by holding you pee.

2. Good toilet hygiene is the key: There cannot be enough emphasis laid on the urgency and seriousness of practicing good toilet hygiene. In addition to going to the washroom when you need to, ensuring you clean yourself right after having used to washroom ensures you do not give a breeding ground to bacteria. Cleaning and wiping yourself is extremely important. Another factor that can lead to a bacterial build-up is spending long hours bathing in a bath tub as bath water can get contaminated rather easily and contaminated and one's own skin florae lead to such a contamination. Sitting in a tub filled with bathing water can cause the bacteria to reach the bladder thus resulting in UTI.

3. Fabric is your best friend: Though fancy sounds fun, it is not really healthy when it comes to the fabric of innerwear. Non-breathing fabrics lead to moisture build-up allowing bacterial overgrowth. Cotton is the most appropriate fabric as it is breathable and does not let moisture to accumulate. It is advisable to use cotton for daily use to keep moisture and thus bacteria at bay.

4. Go the natural way: The vaginal area contains naturally active good bacteria that ward off any infection. A balanced pH is essential to keep the right balance of good bacteria and it is very crucial to not disturb this natural pH. Products such as fragrant intimate washes, body wash, sprays and powders interfere with the natural pH and thereby disturb the growth of good bacteria which then allows the infestation of harmful, infection causing bacteria. It is always best to use plain water to wash the intimate area as it is sufficient for the required cleansing and does not adversely affect the natural pH.

These tips do come in handy to help reduce the risk of contracting a urinary tract infection. However if you do suspect you have contracted an infection, seeking medical help is essential, and the urologists Chandigarh has are the right point of contact.