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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Few Tips One Can Use To Enhance The Data Governance in your Company


Here are a few tips that you could use to enhance the data governance in your company:

Get an able data steward
A data steward is a person who is responsible for the overall management of your company’s data. A data steward is responsible for a wide variety of functions ranging from sourcing to implementation and management of the data assets in your company. Create a team to help the data steward to lay down data stewardship guidelines for the company.

Taking stock of the inventory
The data steward and his team can then review the current practices of data management in the organisation to identify strengths and weaknesses. This analysis will help the team draw up a roadmap to the position where it wants the organisation to be in a few years. This also helps them in identifying threats that could cause harm to the organisation’s data assets.

Evaluating data
The most important task that the data steward and his team will undertake is the evaluation of data. It is impossible to identify the threats and dangers to your data assets unless the value of your data asset is known. While taking stock of the existing data and practices followed, the team will evaluate your data and then design a strategy for its protection and utilisation. 


Thursday, 18 December 2014

Specialists in MRO Data Cleansing Techniques

MRO data standardization

Data Enrichment
Data enrichment refers to that process via which it is possible to improve raw data present in a database. In this way, that data can be made useful and can present the company with useful information. A common easy to understand example of data enrichment is a process of funding and replacing misspellings with correct words, using necessary piece of software.

Data standardization
Data needs to be shared among different sections in an enterprise. However, it is mandatory to make that information trustworthy before it is distributed. This is where MRO data standardization comes in. It ensures that the information is according to standards and is correct. Theoretically, it needs to be checked at the time of importer of data. However, that may not be always possible so as another process finds errors afterwards and removes them.

Verdantis has created an automated system for this purpose- Verdantis Integrity. It is a VMDM software which is used by major enterprises all over the world for proper data input.

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Mastering the art of master data management solutions

MDM solutions

The functioning of most of the companies has revolutionized by every business employing MDM vendors to produce best results with the master data management. Data management has become the lifeline of every business by placing master data management solution at the center of all IT functions. One of the most effective MDM solutions can be using master data management software.

This software helps to improve the efficiency of the business by providing data that is user-friendly and building a relationship with various kind of customer, channel partners, products and suppliers data. Private organization these days relies heavily on these cloud applications to master the duplicate data and have unique and efficient data to reduce the operational costs and wastage of funds.

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Monday, 27 October 2014

The necessary tools needed to implement data quality management

data quality management

A few of the evaluation principles requirements for data quality tools and the holes present while implementing these tools usually lead to failure of quality projects and data cleansing. However, while implementing data quality improvement in an organization, it is important to use the necessary tools:

Implementing data quality improvement with the following tools

•    Removing, analyzing and connecting data: The first and the foremost step for a good data stewardis to connect all the data and load the data into the application. There are various ways to load the data into the application and viewing the data can help build connectivity for the data.

•    Data profiling: after the data has been loaded in the application, the data quality management performs the step of data profiling in which a statistics of the data is run. These statistics include min/max, number of the missing attributes and average. This helps to determine the relationship between all the data. Data profiling also serves to build an accuracy of the columns such as email address, phone numbers, etc of the various customers.

•    Cleansing and data governance: under data cleansing, the function of data standardization, transform functions, elimination of spaces, calculation of the values, identification of incorrect locations take place.  Data governance serves as a useful tool to identify all the missing information and help adjust the information manually.

•    Duplication of records: this process involves cleaning up and merging the various records that have been duplicated. This happens if the data is entered poorly, applications are merged or for various other reasons. After the duplication process is implemented, it is important to clarify the attributes that should be kept in priority and the ones that need a manual clean up.

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Prime Necessity Of Data Quality Management

Data in the field of business and economics has one of the most important roles to play. It is from this data that businesses are able to extract the required amount of information that can be processed into working data to be used in the running of the business. Businesses realize that the importance of quality data management is one of the keys to ensuring that they can enhance the working qualities of their companies and also troubleshooting any of the previous errors that may have been made due to poor data management and analyzing.

Data governance, when done in the right manner will make it so much easier for companies to move forward with their business and save precious time that may have been lost due to unnecessary errors and lack of good judgment previously.

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Monday, 15 September 2014

Material Master Data Management will Govern the Future Enterprise

Material Master Data Management will Govern the Future Enterprise
To master data is not an easy task. It is because data is hidden at innumerable places or sources. In the matter of ownership of the data, some political challenges are created. For offering dependable data to the enterprises, a firm should efficiently address some issues like data consolidation and completion. Besides, they should concentrate on data accuracy and on some generic model for maintaining consistency. Master data management vendors will help you highly in this context.

Some important aspects are linked to transactional data. They are state, collaboration, complexity. Transactional data is controlled under a lifecycle of “state”. Interaction and collaboration are needed between two operators in most transactions for the sake of modification. Each one of them plays a vital role in the transaction. At a lookup, table typical reference data is reserved to fulfil a single purpose. The transactional reference data is not simple. This type of data is complex by nature. We see the challenges of different degrees in different industries, such as logistics, utilities, telecom, high tech, and insurance.
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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Data Quality Improvement Is a Must for Any Flourishing Business

Data Quality Improvement

Data quality management is very essential for any company or organization. There are multiple issues related to quality that business houses can actually face over a particular duration or period. These are usually seen to occur owing to lack of proper strategies and techniques to stem the rot. Data policies have to be thoroughly refined and calculated for better success of a particular company. In many ways, managers should ideally leverage CRM platforms for fulfillment of some pertinent needs of the organization which is not always the case.

This includes data cleansing operations for all customer generated data which is usually a short term affair. Alongside, business users have to be made aware of the crucial role played by good data. Data quality tools are required to maintain uniformity and balance for all useful data for a company. These are pertinent approaches to problems that companies usually face and should definitely be looked up by company managers and honchos.

Data governance is another area where companies usually fall short! Proper governance mechanisms are highly essential for maintaining data quality and improving it over a period of time. Quality issues can occur due to inadequate MDM practices which are another area that deserves careful attention. Companies usually end up neglecting the importance of data quality improvement and cleansing owing to multiple reasons.

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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Product Information Management - The Next Step to E-Commerce

Product Information Management

In today's content driven E-commerce market, detailed product information is vital. For a consumer, specific details and images are required for making purchasing decisions. Due to increased demand for information, the need to have accurate and consistent product data has become a necessity.

Product information flows through multiple groups like marketing, sales, It etc. Inconsistent and inaccurate data can inversely affect the success and efficiency of an organisation. Hence a good product information management tool is the need of the hour. During the era of ERP boom,enterprises were mainly focused on the store and warehouse management. There will be an " item master" in every merchandising application which acts as a data store consisting a big list of fields. The data in item master is the Base of a retailers foundation data.

A PIM solution helps create an architecture which interacts with product information in such a way that it is not dependent on any specific application. It can act as the single repository which is separate from business rules and also help provide data to multiple channels in a more agile manner. It will help classify, enrich and totally transform your product information, in addition to enhancing customer search and navigation on the portal.

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Friday, 11 July 2014

An Ideal Way to Implement Master Data Management

Way to Implement Master Data Management

Master Data Management Solutions come with several inhibitions, that can be cleared by categorizing the process, to realize timely return on investments.

Master Data Management (MDM) is the new buzz word in modern corporate terminology. In simple words, the Master Data Management System is a source of reliable information pertaining to your employees, customers, vendors, creditors and so on. Effective implementation and use of MDM has resulted into better employee efficiency, better customer satisfaction and better coordination and communication.

An ideal approach would be to begin the master data governance in installments, preparing for the subsequent phase. You can choose to begin by sorting and filtering the current data that will prove to be useful for the coming phase. This way, you can also record the ROI that results from this gradual shift to MDM.


Monday, 30 June 2014

MDM Solutions And Data Migration - Migration Of Multiple Masters

ERP system verdantis

Before moving to your new ERP system, it is important to address major issues such as the occurrence of several customers and products across multiple sets of master data, that too with different database keys and formats.

Data migration involves the migration of multiple masters. These master could be further classified into small and large masters based on their complexity. They are explained in detail below:

Small Masters - Holistic and Substantial impact on ROI
One of the most important activities during any data migration process, is to maintain an enterprise-wide view of various elements such as cost centres, financial account charts and legal entities which ultimately helps ensure a single, unified aim to govern consolidation and on-going financial management. This can be achieved by using the right master data management software. The new ERP software is bound to offer a wide variety of advanced process improvisation features.

Key Masters - Dynamic in Nature and Reflect Core Business Values
Large masters are extremely dynamic in nature and best depict the business' core values. In the event of an ERP implementation, up-gradation or consolidation, these masters are designed to form the bulk of master data migration. Hence, in order to ensure the success of the project, one must allot maximum time to ensure their adequate and comprehensive planning and introduce processes such as data quality management from time-to-time.

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