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Friday, 11 May 2018

Follow These 4 Tips To Avoid The Ghost Called UTI From Haunting You

urologists in Chandigarh

Menstrual cramps, PMSing, pregnancy related mood swings, the list of issues women have to deal with is endless. Another common issue faced by many women is urinary tract infection, also referred to as UTI. Now while you cannot completely stop issues like menstrual cramps, mood swings during pregnancy or suppress the dramatic version of yourself when you are PMSing, as all of these are biological changes mostly related to your hormones and are a natural occurrence, what is under your control is averting problems like UTI. UTI, unlike the issues mentioned, is not your body's own calling, but is mostly related to your lifestyle and hygiene, as pointed by urologists in Chandigarh. UTI can sure be extremely painful, not to mention the discomfort that you experience. So much so that you might consider and actually practice holding your pee rather than torture yourself by experiencing burning sensation and unbearable pain in the pelvis area and lower abdomen. The frequent urge to pee, inability to hold it in, bloody urine, and contracting fever are the other symptoms that you experience on contracting a urinary tract infection.

The major cause of UTI in women is infections caused by a type of bacteria in the vaginal walls and subsequently to the urethra. The bacteria can ascend from the urethra to infect the bladder, causing lower tract infection, or travel upwards from the bladder to the ureters infecting the kidneys which leads to upper tract infection. Women are more prone to contract urinary tract infections as a woman's urethra, which is the tube connecting the bladder to the outside of the body, is shorter than that of a man. While there are antibiotics prescribed by a urologist to cure UTI, there are many preventive measures that can be observed to avoid the repeated occurrence of one. The key to this is to limit bacterial overgrowth that leads to the infection. This can be achieved by incorporating a few small but significant lifestyle related changes in your daily life. Following are the effective preventive measures that can save you from frequently contracting the dreaded infection:

1. Flush out the harmful bacteria: Water sure works wonders for your body. And by regulating your water intake to consume at least 6 – 8 glasses a day helps flush out all the toxins and unwanted bacteria. What is also important to note here is that postponing a trip to the loo when your bladder is hinting that you need to hit the washroom is not a good idea. Always attend the call of nature when you feel the urge as you could be risking unwanted bacterial growth in your bladder by holding you pee.

2. Good toilet hygiene is the key: There cannot be enough emphasis laid on the urgency and seriousness of practicing good toilet hygiene. In addition to going to the washroom when you need to, ensuring you clean yourself right after having used to washroom ensures you do not give a breeding ground to bacteria. Cleaning and wiping yourself is extremely important. Another factor that can lead to a bacterial build-up is spending long hours bathing in a bath tub as bath water can get contaminated rather easily and contaminated and one's own skin florae lead to such a contamination. Sitting in a tub filled with bathing water can cause the bacteria to reach the bladder thus resulting in UTI.

3. Fabric is your best friend: Though fancy sounds fun, it is not really healthy when it comes to the fabric of innerwear. Non-breathing fabrics lead to moisture build-up allowing bacterial overgrowth. Cotton is the most appropriate fabric as it is breathable and does not let moisture to accumulate. It is advisable to use cotton for daily use to keep moisture and thus bacteria at bay.

4. Go the natural way: The vaginal area contains naturally active good bacteria that ward off any infection. A balanced pH is essential to keep the right balance of good bacteria and it is very crucial to not disturb this natural pH. Products such as fragrant intimate washes, body wash, sprays and powders interfere with the natural pH and thereby disturb the growth of good bacteria which then allows the infestation of harmful, infection causing bacteria. It is always best to use plain water to wash the intimate area as it is sufficient for the required cleansing and does not adversely affect the natural pH.

These tips do come in handy to help reduce the risk of contracting a urinary tract infection. However if you do suspect you have contracted an infection, seeking medical help is essential, and the urologists Chandigarh has are the right point of contact.

Looking For A Home Loan? These 6 Terminologies May Come In Handy

Investing in a residential property is a milestone in life and the mammoth task comes with a lot of work to be done. Earlier in the day purchasing a home was quite difficult taking into consideration the enormous capital required. However, the easy and hassle-free availability of home loans by banks and financial institutions has made it all the more convenient to have your own home in the city. This is essential favourable for those residing in metropolitan cities like Mumbai where the standard of living is comparatively on the higher side. All the expenditures of day-to-day life, different costs that a citizen has to make way for and other liabilities leave little room to be able to save the sum required to invest in a house at one go. This is where home loans in Mumbai come into play and save the day for the majority. All said and done, the process of taking a home loan is a task in itself, what with all the lengthy paperwork and cumbersome financial and legal formalities that come with it. This can be a little overwhelming for all the big technical terms and jargon that can be difficult to interpret. While we may be familiar with some of the terms, there is also a high possibility of not knowing its relativity to the context of home loans. It is always better to be well-equipped with the explanation of the terms and terminologies associated with home loans to be able to comprehend the information. Read on to enhance your knowledge about the most common terms affiliated to home loans.

1. Disbursement: The usage of this term is not limited to home loans alone but spans across almost all loans. The word is used to refer to the release of the sanctioned loan amount by the money lending institute to the customer. Once all the paperwork is in place and the required formalities are completed, the sanctioned loan amount is disbursed to the borrower via a cheque which can then be deposited by the borrower in their loan account. As per the arrangements between the bank or financial institution and the customer, the loan can be disbursed in one out of three ways, viz full disbursement, partial disbursement, and advance disbursement. Usually, advance disbursement comes into play in cases of new construction projects that are underway and the entire loan amount is disbursed by the bank well in advance, before the completion of the project. On the other hand, in partial disbursement, a certain percentage of the loan amount is disbursed at various stages of completion of an under-construction project.

2. Margin: There is a certain percentage of the loan amount that can be taken against a property set by the RBI. For any property, a borrower can take a maximum loan of 80% of the property value and the remaining 20% has to be paid by the borrower. This remainder 20% that is paid by the borrower is known as the margin, more commonly referred to as the down payment made by the borrower.

3. Credit appraisal: Before approving a loan, a thorough financial background check of the borrower is conducted so as to determine the applicant's eligibility to acquire a home loan as well as to calculate and deduce the maximum loan amount that can be sanctioned. This entire process is known as credit appraisal of the applicant. Factors like age, qualification, nature of work, income, savings, existing loans and previous payment history among others are taken into account to judge the same.

4. Credit worthiness: Post the credit appraisal, the repayment capacity of the recipient that is established is termed at the credit worthiness of the recipient. The credit worthiness assures the home loan repayment capacity of the applicant.

5. Security: The bank lending the loan keeps an asset of the borrower as a security. This security, also termed as collateral, serves as a protection for the bank when the borrower fails to repay the loan. In cases of home loan, the home being purchased for which the loan is borrowed serves as the asset. When the borrower defaults in repayment of the loan, the bank has the right to sell the security to recover the loan amount.

6. Pre-approved property: Builders usually get their properties pre-approved by money lending financial institutions to establish the credibility of the builder as well as that of the property. This implies that pre-approving financial institution has done a check of the legal documentation of the project and post the verification, it has given it a stamp of approval. This also includes doing a background check on the builder's previous projects and timely completion of the same. However, this does not necessarily mean that a home loan on every pre-approved property will be sanctioned. Also, the project will be completely within the stipulated time duration is also not guaranteed inspite it having received a pre-approval.

Now that you have enriched your knowledge with the common terminologies associated with home loans, it will become easier for you to decipher the information shared. If you are looking for home loans Mumbai has a number of leading players that you can get in touch with and realize your dream of owning your dream house in the city.

For(d)ward Your Way To A Slick City Drive

Owning a four-wheeler has become a necessity in Chandigarh, thanks to the working culture and general way of life of people here. Now, saying this in no way means that we like to put up a show and make a style statement just for the heck of it. But living in the region does require one to have one's own conveyance. It is an established fact that every household in Punjab and Chandigarh owns a two-wheeler vehicle. Life without a two-wheeler here cannot exist, and it is just a way of life. Likewise, a majority of families do own a car of their choice and this is not a luxury but a necessity of sorts. Recently we decided to sell off our old car and purchase a new set of wheels as the car had been our loyal companion for more than a decade and it was time for an upgrade. This time around my father opined that I choose the car as now I would be using it more than him, as he is a retired man and in the last couple of years I have been the using the car to drive my way to work. Now that I had the liberty to pick the car of my choice, and could also afford to buy one, thanks to my savings, I wanted to go for the one that I had been eyeing for a while – the Ford EcoSport. Let's just say we Punjabis have a thing for SUVs. Plus, this car has been drawing all the attention since its launch. Going for a Ford drive was never a question as there is a sense of reliability that the brand has built in us over the years. What I appreciate about the car manufacturer is the fact that the brand always stays ahead of the game by ensuring that the latest technological innovations are incorporated in their latest models. This shows how driven the brand is to continuously impress its customers and win them all over again. This, along with factors like the performance of the engine, the design, and salient features of every model. Considering I had pretty much made my mind about the model, my parents insisted that we visit one of the many Ford cardealers in Chandigarh to test drive the car before jumping the gun.

At around the same time, my father's experience came into play when he enlightened me that though the SUV is a great purchase for sure, I did need to factor in a few aspects. Just like most other regions in the country, Chandigarh too faces the problem of ever increasing traffic. And the rate at which there are traffic jams in the recent years has been crazy. Parking issues are inevitably related which means that finding a parking spot every time I am out and about will be a task for sure. Now that my father made me realize this, I did have second thoughts about my purchase as I would be using the car primarily to travel to office on a daily basis. In such conditions, a hatchback seemed like a more viable option. We did visit a couple of Ford dealership outlets to have a look at our options and have finalized the following two hatchbacks from the brand for specific reasons listed below:

Ford Figo S: This sports edition of the dependable and popular Figo is the perfect example of practicality meets performance. The sporty look of the car adds a zing to the high-performance Figo range. The visual uplift that the Figo S has is one of the major factors that has piqued my interest in the car and made its way to my shortlisted cars. The diesel engine promises to be tractable in the region and deliver high-performance when on the highway. The impressive engine clubbed with its lightweight construction are features worth noting, ones that make a huge difference and impact.

Ford Freestyle: Now this one is what they call to be the cross-hatch version of the Figo. This one comes with an all-new five-speed manual gearbox which makes quite an impact. The raised height of this crossover is one of the features that had me sold. It makes it look so strikingly different from the regular Ford Figo model, and I am totally in for such a look. The enhanced look is so well justified by the powerpact performance that the engine delivers. Add to it the splendid chocolate and black colour theme of the cabin and you have a stellar car! Honestly, I am more than impressed!

Both the cars do complete justice in terms of the performance and are competitively priced as well. After taking both these for test-drives at Ford car dealers Chandigarh has, my father and I were definitely pleased. The concerns of parking and easy manoeuvring through the traffic that my father had are both well taken care of by both these models. Though both of these justify my needs and are stunners in their own right, I do feel a little more drawn towards the Ford Freestyle, more so because of its exterior and design. I think I do have my new car all figured out and I cannot wait to steer my way on the streets.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Know International Courier Services Better

The introduction of courier services in the market has made life a lot easier when it comes to sending parcels to another person who is standing miles away from you. It omits the need for you to personally travel and have the parcel delivered. What is amazing is that its service reaches across the borders of the city, state, country and continent. My father has a handicraft store and often gets order from merchants located in around 10 to 12 cities across the country. When I introduced to him the concept of courier services, he was amazed at how well it worked. I remember him narrating to me how painstaking it would get when the orders were high to personally go and deliver the items. A fair share of his savings would go in traveling from one city to another, making it a rather expensive affair. But his love for handicrafts didn't let him give up the store. Now with the option of having courier services on his side, he has seen great benefits. He has tied up with a renowned courier service and has his parcels transported without an ounce of hassle. He now finds himself in a much better space now. Not only is he less tired, but he has more time to spend on making his business better. Over the last few years, he has seen his business soar to new heights. He has extended his business to three more cities. My father is a happier and more prosperous man now. I too have got into the business and I'm looking to take it to an international level. Because let's face it, we all know how exotic the Indian products are considered to be across the seas. As I browsed through the establishments offering courierservices in Pune and spoke to them about my international shipping plan, here are a few things I learnt.

Not every country allows everything – It is important to research on the items that are allowed to be shipped to certain countries and the one that are restricted. Doing your homework on the rules and regulations set for each country with regard to what can be couriered will save you an ample amount of time. For instance, in Europe it is highly imperative to complete and have attached a customs declaration when a parcel is being sent out of the country. If the details of anything are incorrect, then you could be in big trouble. As per an article I had once read, one cannot ship clown costumes to the southern region of France. This is because 6,000 strong village of Vendargues have banned the costume. A number of pranksters were known to cause immense panic among children and therefore to keep this at bay, the place has banned clown costumes. You cannot export chewing gum to the City State of Singapore. They are on a mission to keep the city clean and therefore are trying to keep chewing gum off the streets.

Securing package is the most essential – Be sure that whatever you are shipping is legal and within the specified laws. Make sure that you are packaging it well. You may have to end up paying a bit more to have it wrapped and sealed, but you had rather do that than have your item damaged. Sometimes simply using bubble wrap isn't enough. You may have to place the item in a wooden box with hay all around it. By packaging your shipment well, you save it from being damaged in any way. When in transit, not always can you be entirely sure of how well it is being handled. Therefore make sure that you spend enough time knowing what is the best way to pack the item you are having shipped.

International payments may vary – One aspect of international shipping that can turn an experience sour for you is international shipping cost. A misconception that many have is that they have to tear open all their bank accounts to pay for the shipment. If you research well, you will be able to know how much are the exact costs to ship various items to different countries. Also, bear in mind that this is going to be shipped across the country or continent. So, factor in that when you are working out your costing. Every country has their own set of charges, but knowing this in advance will save you from paying more than you really ought to.

By keeping this tips in mind, I was able to make successful shipments without burning a hole in my pocket or having myself thrown in depression. I have tied up with two recognised companies offering courier services in Pune and they have delivered exceptional services to me on every occasion.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

4 Vegetarian Tandoori Dishes That Are A Must Try

Tandoori restaurants Mumbai

Whether a foodie or not, one fact that everyone will agree with is how the mention of Tandoori food often goes hand in hand with non-vegetarian preparations. The perception that 'mood to have Tandoori food' inadvertently means the craving to devour some succulent non-vegetarian preparations like different types of Chicken Tikkas, Tandoori Seafood Platter and the likes, needs to be changed as there are a couple of misconceptions with regards to Tandoori food. Contrary to popular belief that Tandoori food is a type of cuisine à la Chinese, Italian, or North Indian cuisines, the fact remains that it actually is a style of preparation wherein the food is cooked in a hot clay oven. It is the style of cooking the food in different types of these tandoors that renders the food that typical and unique grilled and smoky flavour. Another myth to be busted here that Tandoor preparations are not just limited to various types of bread or rotis and meats. You can toss together all the ingredients for the marinade which imparts the actual taste to the main dish and follow it up with the other ingredients to make the dish of your choice, which may not necessarily be a meat or fish preparation. It may sound delusional to many but vegetarian kebabs do exist and once served to you, you will surely be bowled over by the sheer deliciousness of these. What is interesting to note here is that just like its non-vegetarian counterpart, vegetarian kebabs do come in a deluge of varieties. Read on to find out the best vegetarian tandoori preparations that many Tandoori restaurants in Mumbai are popularly known for.

1. Corn Kebab: This is one preparation that you can have on the menu as a starter for your next dinner. It is quite popular among children and the innovative plating itself is enough to have you indulge in the crispy delicacy. Sweetcorn dominates the preparation along with potatoes while green peas is an optional ingredient but is commonly found. The best part of the preparation is its non-oily nature due to the chosen grilled method of cooking. Tangy Pudina chutney makes for the best accompaniment of this exciting vegetarian Kebab that can give the good old Fish tikka a serious competition.

2. Tandoori Tofu: A great substitute for the good old Paneer, Tofu is quite popular among foodies. More so because of its nutritional value. Made from soymilk, Tofu has great health benefits with its high iron, protein and low fat content. Giving the classic Tandoori Paneer a break, try the Tandoori Tofu instead which is high on taste as well as bears many a health benefit too for you. Served on skewers and plated very interestingly, this dish will leave you impressed at the word go. The rich gold hue of the turmeric peeping through the deep sunset orange tint from the grill makes quite an Instgrammable impression. The thought that food is consumed by all the senses holds quite true in this context as the aroma from the grilled preparation build your appetite, the platter served in front of you is quite a visual and finally the taste of the rich spices in the creamy marinade satiate all your cravings. It is time for you to try this one!

3. Veg Seekh Kebab: Yes, you read that right! A dish called veg Seekh Kebab does exist and does complete justice to its name, just like its succulent non-vegetarian cousin. The best part of these vegetarian Kebabs is unlike the chicken or mutton Seekh Kebabs, the vegetarian one can be prepared using diverse combinations of ingredients and is not limited to just a couple of vegetables that can be used for the preparation. A combination of potatoes, cabbage, carrots, french beans and green peas is among the favourite ones liked by many a food lover. The delightful golden-brown colour of the tandoor preparation plated with finesse is just what you need to sate your hunger pangs. Dips like Pudina chutney and yoghurt garlic sauce add a distinct flavour to these scrumptious kebabs.

4. Mushroom Tikka Kebab: Whoever said that Paneer is all there is to vegetarian food has definitely never given vegetarian food a fair chance and made a judgment just too soon. The Mushroom Tikka Kebab is one example of just how palatable and tempting a vegetarian dish can be. The extremely nutritious and delicious mushrooms are grilled with Bengal gram flour and some of the choicest spices and condiments which make it the perfect preparation for snacks.

So the next time you head to one of the Tandoori restaurants Mumbai has, steer away from your usual non-vegetarian Tandoori orders and experiment a little with the recipes mentioned above and you will be pleasantly surprised by how toothsome vegetarian Tandoori preparations are.

Friday, 27 April 2018

Why You Should Hire a Catering Company

Suppose you have a pretty function coming up and the food is totally your responsibility, but you may be of the thought that it is just food, and it should not be that big a deal to manage. And once you start getting involved, you realize that it really is that big a deal. You may start wondering about an event that you must have recently attended thinking how the food over there was less than merely being satisfactory. Ultimately it is the food that you remember, and it gets stored in your memory, when it comes to any kind of party. You won’t remember the flowers, the decoration, or who wore what, it will be the food that you will stay in your mind, always. So, what you want to be served and how you want it served is really important, and that is precisely why you must be very careful when it comes to appointing a caterer in Ahmedabad for your party. What kind of caterer you want will solely depend on what kind of event you are planning to throw.

So, the most difficult bit about organizing a party can be figuring out what kind of food you want to be served. It is important for you to know about the number of people that will be feasting. Picking on the menu can also get pretty confounding. You will have to figure out what kind of food you want to be served, who all will be serving it, and who would be cleaning up once the guests have left. It might sound like a huge thing to do but for professionals, it is their daily job. Here are some of the important reasons that you should consider before appointing a caterer for your upcoming party.

1. You will be completely stress-relieved

Planning a whole new event is no walk on the cake and it can take a lot of efforts. You need to look after the decorations, the seating arrangements, food and beverages and much more. All these things together can make a function a complete and memorable ceremony. A professional catering organization will be able to help you in taking care of the entire food section, at the least. A lot of thought work is spent on what needs to be served, so a catering company will be able to help you pick the right choices in the menu with regards to what kind of party you are organizing. Obviously, the menu for a marriage is going to be way different from the menu of a corporate event. So accordingly, your caterer will help you pick the best suitable dishes from the menu for your concerned function.

2. Hiring caterers can save a lot of your time
Hiring a caterer is the best way to organize food for your event. Just imagine, if you hire someone who can totally take charge of the food, you will not have to worry about anything. You will not have to worry about what should be cooked. You won’t have to worry about what all ingredients should be brought. Just imagine all the time and effort that you will be saving if you have a professional company handling all that for you. Even if you wish to call for a takeout for your party, things can get pretty hectic. You will have to make sure you inform the restaurant about your guest number, which, as we all know, can become very varying. You will have to rework the entire menu on the basis of what the restaurant has to offer, and the food choices won’t necessarily go as per your likes. Furthermore, you will have to worry about how the food is going to be served. You will have to make sure that all the cutlery is in place too. In short, it is way too much of work. It is likely that you would barely be able to enjoy your own event if you keep on looking out for all the arrangements. So, hiring a suitable caterer is really going to relieve you of all your worries.

3. Every bit of the food will be taken care of with the help of the catering service

As a protocol, all the catering companies tend to make your food as presentable, appeasing and mouthwatering as it can be. The caterers also take the time to offer its customer the best of the beverage options, and they do all this in such a way that no guest should leave the party without smacking their lips. Caterers have the experience, skills, and patience to make your vision of delicious food come to reality. These professional food caterers Ahmedabad has to offer are capable of adapting to any kind of venue environment, be it corporate, wedding, party, ceremonies, funerals, and what not just to make sure that your food perfectly fits the scene and remains scrumptious.

Signs Men Must See a Urologist

As men get older, they often have to face some physical, health issues for which they need to go and visit their primary care physician. Most of these ‘men issues’ can be dealt without much difficulty, but at times circumstances arise where they need the help of a specialist. Your general physician easily will be able to help with most of the basic issues that you have to deal with, but sometimes your physician may reveal some concern-worthy things about your body for which you may need a detailed treatment. After your physician directs you, it is time for you to go and visit a urologist in Ahmedabad.

On a daily basis, do you really acknowledge how important your urological condition is? Most of the men to this day have taken the grand ability to urinate peacefully for granted. Your urological organs do a great deal of work in order to process all the food that you eat and all the liquid that you drink. These organs are also responsible to help you reproduce in life. In order to treat your urological organs, you have a physician who specializes in all the diseases related to these organs, called the urologist. A urologist specializes in ailments of the urinary tract as well as the whole male reproductive system. Men are usually referred by their physician to a urologist when they need a treatment for any problem related to the urethra, ureters, kidneys, bladder, and adrenal glands. Furthermore, urologists can also treat disorders with regards to the penis, prostate, seminal vesicles, epididymis, and the testes. Mentioned below are some of the ailments that can be treated by visiting a urologist.

1. Erectile dysfunction 

If you are a victim of erectile dysfunction that it is of the utmost importance for you to go and visit a urologist. This is because if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction in your life then it may be a sign of an even bigger health concern that may require immediate professional care and attention. If at any time in your life you tend to observe that you are beginning to face consistent issues with your erections, you must immediately visit a specialist who can then enlighten you about all the problems that can lead to erectile dysfunction such as vascular diseases, hypertension, renal failure and and various other things that can affect your intimacy with your partner. Now even if you are someone who experiences erectile dysfunction, then do not wait to first visit your physician and then have him consult you to see a urologist. Take the initiative yourself without wasting any time and visit the penis doctor. If you are scared as to what all questions can arise at the clinic regarding this issues, then you need not worry. First of all, you will not have to narrate your entire story, to begin with just a few basic questions here and there will do, and the doctor will help you to fix the issue soon enough.

2. Urinary problems

If you are going through any kind of urinary unrestraint, then you really need to go and see a urologist. This usually mainly occurs when you can’t control your urine. If you also find yourself soaking your pants without having any control on your bladder then you should definitely visit the concerned specialist. Your urologist will be able to suggest you many treatment options regarding the same problem, which can include both medications as well as surgery. If you visit your general physician with this problem, seriously there is not much he is going to be able to do with it. You really need to go and see a urologist if you cannot stop a leaking pee.

3. When you spot blood in your urine

When you spot blood in your urine, it is about time you go and visit a urologist and not just a general physician. This should be a sign of self-referral. Spotting blood in the urine is a huge sign of either bladder or kidney problem. It can be cancer and it can also be something not so serious. Whatever the case is, you must consult your urologist for it. There are several other symptoms that you should not ignore and simply just make an appointment to visit your concerned specialist. If you are experiencing any sort of pain in the lower abdominal, especially post sex then you need to see the doctor. If you are facing any kind of difficulty or burning sensation while passing urine, you need to see the doctor. Symptoms of decreased sexual desire, testicular mass or infertility should immediately be presented to the urologist.

Some of these issues may seem pretty minor or negligible to you because you have only spotted them once, but why take any chance? It might appear as a small problem but can later on become a warning sign of something life-threatening. If you are facing any these problems, you must immediately visit a urologist Ahmedabad has available for you.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Colours Speak For Your Mood

Are you currently in the mood to change the walls colours of your house? If so, then it might be a great thing for you because colours can act as a mood-lifting design mechanism that can invoke calm, serenity, drama or comfort for you.
Most times when you find yourself depressed or in a really low mood, you find yourself with a big bowl of ice cream or a huge bar of chocolate to uplift your spirits. If you are tired of resorting to these two things, then maybe this time you can think of a better way to raise your spirits: with the help of colours. Colours can be used as a powerful tool to make your house feel more peaceful, lively, comfortable or loud. There are several paintingcontractors in Ahmedabad that can help you completely change the vibe of your house. Colours have the capacity to make a small room feel bigger. The type of colour you decide will project the room as a more spacious one or a more intimate one. And colours can do all of it without the breaking or moving off the walls.

Painting contractors are well-versed with all these tactics. They can completely make a study feel beautiful and cushy by painting the walls with a hue of all the warm colours. Likewise, if you wish to make a narrow area appear much wider than what it actually is, you can have the painter do so by painting some different colours on the opposite walls. The type of paint colour you pick along with various different colours in the form of your furniture and accessories are all capable of creating a mood. Of course, there are certain colours that will only go well with a certain kind of setting, but this should not deter you from trying out different colour options and be creative in your house. So, instead of simply using a shade like the dark green colour on a utility wall, you can go for a pistachio green shade that will give it a fresher and lighter finish. It is totally understandable if deciding a particular colour for your house can become a staggering chore in itself. But in today’s day and age, there are several painting companies that will offer you several online as well as offline tools and paint collections, which can help you create a connected colour combination.

The kind of colours that you adore wearing and the kind of colours that you simply love having around you definitely reflects your personality, your mood as well as your nature. Whenever you are choosing painting colour options for your house, keep in mind that the number of choices that will be made available to you can get pretty overpowering. But don’t worry, there are no written rules that you have to choose from, but keeping a few good guidelines in mind will definitely be of some help.

You can pick the colour of your house on the basis of how you feel about them. For instance, would you prefer your bedroom to have an appeal of light and airy colours or would you like it to be dark and cosy? Another thing that you must consider before picking the perfect shade for your walls is whether you like solid colours or translucent ones. Or is it that you like your walls to be painted with some type of pattern on the already existing shade. Different kind of patterns such as stripes, stencil patterns, painting as well as textures can totally add a whole different touch of style to any existing room. Furthermore, what type of decorating design would you like? If you like smaller more intricate patterns, then they will give your room a bit of a traditional look. And on the other hand, larger patterns, geometric shapes, and some bold sweeps will project a more contemporary vibe.

If you wish to have a quite tranquil space to yourself in any of the room of your house, then you should definitely ask your painter to opt for soft neutral shades. Such hues simply excel in touching and redefining your mood. Warm shades of brown and cool soothing blue hues are the best choices if you want to have a really soft aura in your house. Another soothing shade to opt for having a really calming effect in your house is green; go for light hues of green. The all-encompassing shade of white fully succeeds in creating a serene atmosphere. You can ask your painting contractor to pair it with other softer shades like lavender, beige as well as some neutrals to opt for a contemporary look. With the right kind of idea in mind and a skilled painting contractor Ahmedabad has for your, you can completely refurbish the whole aura of your house as well as yourself. It is time you give your house the much-needed makeover!

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Indianized Chinese Dishes We Can’t Live Without

I think the most relished food in a family restaurant is going to be none other than Chinese food. One of the most astonishing things about this country is how easily Chinese cuisine is available in each and every corner of it. Likewise, Chinese cuisine has become an ultimate favourite meal for most of us. You can step into any sort of restaurant be it from a beach shack in Goa to a south Indian joint in Karnataka to a fast food restaurant in Mumbai, it won’t be difficult for you to find a whole part of the menu solely devoted to Chinese dishes. And this isn’t even close to the countless Chinese restaurants and stalls that are so readily available in this country. You can also find several Chineserestaurants in Ahmedabad to satiety your cravings for Chinses food.

We Indians are so much in love with the type of Chinese food we relish that if we were to step outside of the country, you and I would not be able to recognize the authentic Chinese food from a local takeout outlet. Pretty much like our own version of ‘French toast’ and burgers and sandwiches, the type of Chinese dishes we consume comes with a blanket of our cultural ingredients, with only a few totally authentic things thrown in. And yet, it is the tastiest thing we could have eaten.

So the roots of this Indianized Chinese cuisine go all the way to Kolkata. It is known to have started somewhere in the late 19th century. Rumours have it that some kind of Hakka Chinese emigrated for work in the ports of Kolkata and consequently, he established the country’s first ever Chinatown. And gradually, the Indo-Chinese variation in food caught on popularity as it began ramping up with delicious Indian spices. Here are some of the basic Chinese dishes you’ll find in every Chinese restaurant in the country.

1. Chicken Lollipops
Chicken lollipops are one of the most preferred Chinses starters by non-vegetarians. It is an extremely popular appetizer, which consists of a chicken wing that has been split in half. By doing so, the bone of the chicken forms a very convenient handle. The chicken is then marinated in a mixture of hot spices consisting of chillies, ginger, garlic, and soy sauce. Most of the restaurants make use of red food colouring to give it a proper colour, and then it is deep fried. Believe it or not, this concept of chicken lollipops is miles away from what the actual Chinese cuisine offers.

2. Gobi Manchurian
If non-vegetarians have chicken lollipops, then vegetarians have their beloved Gobi Manchurian. India has an extensive portion of vegetarians. So in order to inculcate some veggies, which is none other than cauliflower, the Indo-Chinses cuisine cult has brought to your rescue the Gobi Manchurian. Manchurian is the most signature Indianized Chinese preparation, however, you will be disheartened to know that no other country has ever heard of it. The dish is basically nothing but the florets of cauliflower, which is deep fried and coated in a batter of refined flour. Then these florets are simmered in a gravy of onions, green chillies, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and various other delicious sauces. Ideally, this curry-like dish is served with rice or noodles. For starters purposes, there also exists a “dry” version of this spiced fried cauliflower, which is ideally served with schezwan sauce in the form of an appetizer.

3. Manchow soup
Manchow soup is the most popular soup served in the whole of India. It is a kind of hot-and-sour riff that you can order in most of the fast food restaurants. So the vegetable manchow soup is usually made with a thickened vegetable broth. A non-veg variant is also available for this dish, and it uses the broth of chicken. Both these versions are flavoured with some dark soy sauce, garlic and ginger, some spring onion greens, carrots and cabbage. It is served with fried noodles.

5. Chilli Paneer
This iconic Indian-Chinese dish consists of cottage cheese cubes, popularly known as paneer, which is coated in a thick paste of garlic, ginger and refined flour, which is then deep fried. After this, the paneer cubes are sautéed with onions, bell peppers and green chillis. This is a vegetarian version of the dish. For ardent non-veg lovers, the restaurants have replaced paneer with seafood, chicken and sometimes beef as well as, depending on where you are ordering it.

6. Hakka noodles
Noodles are one of the most popular dishes of an Indian Chinese meal. It is often called chowmein on the streets. The dish needs no explaining. People from all age groups know what all falls in a platter full of noodles. There are many varieties of it, both in veg as well as non-veg; they include, schezwan noodles, chicken noodles, egg noodles, chilli garlic noodles, etc. And yet again, the concept of ‘noodles’ all over the world is extremely different from what is served in India.

These are the most basic dishes that you will find in every Chinese Restaurant Ahmedabad has in store for you. Enjoy your lovely meal!

Amazing Benefits of Opting for Tiffin Services

It is not uncommon to crave for a very healthy, yummy meal during lunch breaks at your work or at your university. Don’t worry it isn’t just you, all of us face this same issue. Whenever we open our meal boxes, all we crave to have is a nutritionally balanced and a full-course meal, which will totally satiate our hunger and keep us rejuvenated for the entire day. However, in today's fast-paced world, it does not happen so very often. People who have moved out of their houses, for work or education, do not get such meals to eat. Mostly, they don’t have that kind of time and leisure to cook such delectable dishes for themselves. Or at times, it may turn out that they exactly aren’t the best chefs that this world has. One go-to solution for this is tiffin services in Ahmedabad. Feasting on a good quality, homemade tiffin food is anytime better than resorting to eating outside food on a daily basis.

These packed tiffin services have now become all-time saviours as they easily hop into the lives of the busy, hardworking adults. The main aim of these tiffin caterers is to offer a delicious and healthy home cooked food to all the students as well the dedicated office goers so that their daily food and nutritional requirements get fulfilled without spoiling their health. You may have also observed that there has been a sudden rise in the health food segment in this country. It has a very simple answer to it. Day by day, a good number of people are getting increasingly aware when it comes to good food and good life. Come to the crux of it, a nutritious and a balanced diet is the key reason why so many individuals are resorting to healthy home-cooked meals, which has ultimately given a rise to all the packed tiffin service providers in the country.

Another major reason why there has been a boost of packed tiffin caterers in India is that of the rapid rise in the number of nuclear families in the major metropolitan cities. Also, the youth today lives a fast-paced and an extremely hectic lifestyle. And people have finally begun to realize the importance of having good quality food at an individual’s house step. Read the following pointers to understand some of the innumerable benefits that you can reap by opting for a packed tiffin service over outside food.

1. You will get healthy and wholesome food at your doorstep

Usually, the food that is prepared by these tiffin caterers is made with a lot of care. They make sure to use the right kind of ingredients as well as freshly chopped vegetables, and consequently they succeed in delivering a very good quality, home cooked hygienic food. The kind of oil they use and all the food materials, such as meat, masalas and spices, are of the highest quality. More importantly, these caterers to do make use of any kind of additives or preservatives in their meals. The food is mostly cooked in a completely natural method, unlike most of the leading restaurants or packaged food items, who use plenty of stuff to preserve the freshness and enhance the appearance of the food. They also make sure to cleanse their utensils on a daily basis, so all in all, you can rest assured that the food delivered to you would be of optimum quality.

2. They are comparatively economical to restaurants

These packed tiffin services provide their customer base with a filling quantity of food, not to mention the quality of food is also wholesome and nutritious. One of the best reasons why the majority of college goers should opt for this kind of service is because such services are highly affordable. You can calculate it for yourself; if you go to eat lunch at a decent restaurant, the average cost for you will come around 300 rupees, and the food too might not be so filling or satisfying. When it comes to tiffin services, they will offer you a full course meal at an average of 150 rupees, which comes to half the price. The non-veg variant in tiffins may be charged slightly higher than the veg meal, but still, it will not get as expensive as what the restaurants will cost you.

3. Tiffin services offer time delivery at your desk

These tiffin caterers work on a tight schedule just so that they can make sure to deliver their food on time to the hungry customers. They have a particular personnel on board whose job is to deliver the food at every customer’s location. By following this technique, the service providers make sure that there is no trouble or confusion for both, the company as well as its client base.

If you are in search of a delicious home cooked meal at your office desk, check out the various tiffin services Ahmedabad has to offer, and enjoy a happy meal!

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Why You Should Visit Your Doctor Even When You're Healthy

Most of us middle-aged people have a demanding work schedule, and we barely have the time to take care of our health. Lives these days have become so busy and hectic that we rarely even have time to breathe. So, in such a hectic era, the last things that should come to your plate is taking a day off from work to visit a doctor’s clinic because of your some or the other ailing condition. Personally, I have seen too many people who ignore their minor health issues like cold and cough by taking an easily available tablet from the pharmacist, but once they fall sick, they fall sick so badly that they directly need to get hospitalized to receive proper medical care and attention. There may lie certain issues in you that may not surface at the moment, but there’s a good chance that these symptoms may appear in the future, so it is ideal to book an appointment with any general physician in Ahmedabad even when you aren’t necessarily sick. Here are the reasons why it is necessary to visit your physician even when you feel as healthy as a horse.

1. You need to visit your general physician to eliminate all your health risk
There is a good chance that even if you are as healthy as a horse, your family history may find its way into your genes and affect your well-being. Does your family have a history of health conditions like high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or another major issue? If anyone in your family has it, then there is a good chance that you too may be at a risk of acquiring the same disease. So in order to stay on a safer side, there can be something that you can do to lower down the risk of such terrifying illnesses. Your general physician will be able to help you diagnose any kind of medical condition and guide you with all the screening tests that you should opt for in order to rule out any health risks that may arise in the future.

2. Visit the doctor to make sure your body is healthy and fine
A lot of people find themselves at this weird point in life- even when they have maintained the exact same timetable, they happen to put on their weight. Have you ever wondered how your size has changed from XL to XXL in the blink of an eye? This will come as a terrible shock to a lot of people who measure themselves at the clinic after several months. And thankfully, if you are one of those who is comfortably able to fit in his/her pair of jeans, then you might have some other health remarks to consider, such as an irregular heart rate or blood pressure. And these are some of the things that you must get tested every few months at your doctor’s office. If you continue to keep tabs on these basic vital signs, then you will get a hang of your doctor’s routine, and it will act like a system of checks, which will balance your entire body.

3. Calm your mind by visiting your general physician
In today’s world, the concept of depression hasn’t stayed aloof to anyone. I am sure each one of us has experienced depression at some point in our life, although the levels of depression that we might have suffered may have varied to a great extent. And with our busy schedules, we haven’t mastered the art of noticing all these symptoms by ourselves. So if you fall into the habit of getting a routine mental health done at your general physician office, then it can help come across warning signs before it gets too late. What most people do is turn to Google for all their health-related queries. I am not denying the fact that the internet cannot be a good source of information; however, if you keep on reading about all your health conditions online, the results can often lead to uncalled for worry and fear. Don’t forget that you are different, and so is the person who has written about his/her health condition online. Hence, instead of surfing the internet to find a general, or even worse, a wrong answer to your health issue, make sure to visit your doctor in person so that you understand the whole concept correctly. And seriously, quit worrying about all the terrifying answers you have gotten on the web for your minute discomfort.

These were some of the reasons why you should not hesitate in visiting a general physician Ahmedabad has in store for you. Your doctor will offer you valid guidance, advice, diagnosis as well as treatment for any of your discomfort. Don’t wait before it is too late. Stay healthy, stay fine and find your right doctor!

Happiness Is...Getting Your Cake Delivered to Your Home

Desserts are the best part of food, and it goes without saying that cakes are the most important type of dessert in our life. Cakes are our might lifeline. I mean, who celebrates an event in his/her life without cutting a cake. I think cakes are the real reason why we so excitedly wait for birthdays and anniversaries, isn’t it? Cakes are delicious, yummy and simply mouthwatering; they are a delicacy that is enjoyed by people of all age groups. Cakes consist of various flavours, and they come in different types of variations. With a beautiful pattern on top, a cake is single-handedly one of the most delicious food items to relish. This creamy dessert is savoured by anyone and everyone on every important occasion in life; some people also eat cake for no apparent reason, which is quite charming in its way. Cakes are so delicious that you often cannot deny yourself another piece of cake no matter how full or diet-conscious you are. In today’s world, the internet has been nothing short of a blessing on our lives. Anything that you want can be made available at the tip of your finger with the help of the internet. The divine internet also extends it courtesy when it comes to serving cakes online. With the help of the internet, you can very easily buy yourself the cake of your choice. All you have to do is place the order for the cake of your choice in any available cake delivery services in Ahmedabad and the cake will be delivered to you within minutes.

Just imagine how beautiful and chilled your life has become now that you can have such a scrumptious dessert delivered at the doorstep without you having to step out of your house. Yes, it is totally like a dream come true. Even if you are too busy, and have your special one’s birthday or anniversary in line, you can simply have a cake ordered online, and this dessert will be delivered to you just with a simple tap on your phone screen, no waiting or murmuring. If you are a busy, working professional then the option for online cake delivery services can benefit you greatly. Some of the best advantages of them are listed here.

1. You will have the cake delivered to your doorstep
Seriously, those days are over where you had to walk for several kilometres at your favourite cake shop. But now, even if your child’s birthday falls right on one of those thunderous monsoon days, you will not have to visit the cake store in the heavy rain. You can easily have the choice of your cake being delivered to your house on the given day without any hassles. For coordinating with the baker, all you will have to do is send him/her some of your favourite cake patterns and the needful services will be provided to you. So for this, all you need is a decent internet connection and a clear idea of what you want your cake to be like.

2. Better taste and exotic flavours
Today, there are several exotic cake stores around you that offer you exquisite cake varieties delivered to their customers. Such types of cakes do not consist of the regular flavours that are usually available in most of the local cake stores. Moreover, you will get a huge variety of flavours to choose from like mocha, lavender, coconut, butterscotch, banana and many more. A lot of such stores will offer you the option of making customized cakes. Over here, you will have to place your cake order in advance, and the baker will prepare your dessert accordingly, as per your desire. So no matter what kind of cake you have in mind, be it a simple cake or a lavish over the top cake, you will have it delivered to you without any hassles.

3. They offer really quick services
The kind of cake stores, which provide their services right at your door, are generally really quick and are available round the clock for their customers. Logically speaking, the main objective of these outlets is to cover as many clients as possible. Likewise, they cater to fulfil all the expectations of their clients. They try their level best to deliver the most amazing results possible, within the timeframe and budget. So consequently they are super quick with their services. Their staff is well trained and highly professional in nature, and they do not leave any stone unturned to make the perfect cake for their clients.

So these were some of the benefits of opting for cake delivery services Ahmedabad has in store for you. Some of the shops also offer extremely nominal rates. Even when they are personalizing the cake for you, they wouldn’t charge you exorbitantly; their rates would roughly come around what a basic cake shop would offer. I hope you celebrate your upcoming special day by ordering one of the finest yet reasonably priced cakes in town delivered to your house step.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Why You Shouldn't Base Your Medical Judgement Purely From Research Off the Internet

The internet has grown from being a space where you could find information, to a space where you can share your set of information too. YouTube for videos, Soundcloud for audio, Wordpress for written content and Tumblr for pictures. These are just a bunch of the key platforms that allow people to share their talent, research, information and experiences with the world outside. But like everything else in life, this too has its set of pointers that will open new windows of thought that ultimately lead to learning and the other that will do the same, but may take you spiraling down a dreadful drain. Health and medical care is the one topic, if followed purely by internet research can make things go very very wrong. If all the information that was received from the internet were true, we would all be terminally ill. But thank the stars that it isn't so! While it allows people from all corners of the world to share their bit, it does not guarantee that everything you come across will be legitimate. The one fad that never fails to grab the attention of men and women are the before and after transformation posts. A minimum of one post at the least has appeared in your Facebook feeds. Some of these posts show drastic transformations where the person has undergone surgery which has corrected that crooked nose or protruding chin or sliced out the double chin to leave a chiseled jawline. If there is one thing that these posts make us do, it is to envy the perfection these people have achieved with their surgeries. But a common mistake that many do is to not consult cosmetic surgeons in Pune, but rather, resort to the blogs and vlogs that people share and take what they say as Gospel truth. Here is how you can go horribly wrong without the advice of a professional.

Bargain is best – When the popularity of something grows, the prices of the same tend to get competitive in the market. However, choosing to settle on the surgery based on the price is not the best way to go. Think of that time when your friend or someone you know went to a tattoo artist who set up shop in a shady corner only because they wanted a tattoo. And what was initially expected to look like a face turns out to look no less than an egg head. I have witnessed these tattoos go so wrong, that the person had to be rushed to the hospital because the needles had caused a hideous infection. I don't think any one of you reading this would want to be dealing with a situation like that. And no, not even those home remedies suggested on sites can help you get things right.

You can get it right the second time – Oh Lord NO!!! When getting cosmetic surgery done, know that the best results can be achieved in the first go itself, which is why follow rule number one and don't mess it up. Getting a correction done after the first surgery has a greater chance of going wrong that anything else. The best example of such a case is the legendary Michael Jackson. Repeatedly going under the knife generally too, is not the best idea. Hence, choosing the right surgeon the first time itself is important.

Zero scars – If someone tries to sell you the idea that you will be left with not a single scar, turn away instantly. This specially goes for the bigger surgeries such as arm lifts, breast augmentation and tummy tightening. There is in no way you can undergo a surgery this big and walk out looking drastically different with not the slightest scar seen. Those getting into surgeries like these are of the belief that if the doctor is skilled then there is hardly any scope of a scar showing after the surgery. Truth be told, genetic factors play a much bigger role in this case.

Cosmetic surgery solves all problems – 'No one is perfect' is something we have been hearing endlessly. But it is true. Why are you getting the surgery done? If there is a part of your body you wish to improve, surgery in all probability can do it. It can also make you feel good for a while. But it can in no way heal any kind of emotional stress. If there is an emotional turmoil that you are dealing with, then cosmetic surgery is not going to be able to fix it.
I understand that this article may come off as a little ironic but my only suggestion here is to consult the ones who are truly the professionals. Verify the doctor you go to by checking the credentials and steer away from the pseudo medical experts. If you stick to consulting the reputed cosmetic surgeons Pune, you will be able to enjoy a much better outcome.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

It Isn't Just a Bike, It's a Yamaha

At some point in time every boy dreams of having a bike of his own. Of course the expectation of when they would like their first one might be sooner than possible, but nevertheless, they always desire to invest in one that they can call their own. Some make their preferences based on the type of bike they want. It could be a dirt bike, a sports bike, a cruiser or a chopper. The other half chooses their bikes based on the brand. Of course you dream of the best but when reality strikes you still hold on to aspirations, but those that fit within a budget. For those whose bank accounts size up to the carpet area of my house, dream of Harley Davidsons, Kawasakis and Ducatis. For those who stand a little lower than that, like me, dream of owning a Yamaha or a KTM. Now don't get me wrong, these brands too feature bikes that can be classified in the niche segment. But they bridge the gap in the hope of making their bikes affordable for a larger audience. The thrill of owning a bike of your own is a feeling of sheer excitement. Like most little boys, I too grew up fantasizing about owning my own motorbike. From my very first job, I began to save month after month, year after year, increment after increment, until I got a good break into a new company that rained a package on me, sufficient to sanction me a loan. That offer letter was my golden ticket. I was finally going to get my hands on my dream bike. For about a year, I had my mind set on the Yamaha FZ V2.0 FI. So I decided a time and date to visit one of the best Yamaha motorcycledealers in Pune. The features of the bike were no doubt incredible and I was thoroughly impressed with the test drive the dealership encouraged me to take. Through the entire process, I realised a few things about Yamaha as a brand which convinced me that investing in their bike was a decision I would not regret.

Honest opinions – The staff at the dealership were very clear when speaking to me about the bike. They complemented the aspects of the bike that were truly remarkable and did not try to oversell any characteristics of the bike. Honestly in my opinion, I felt that simply riding the bike would have been enough to convince anyone to go ahead and 'make a move'. I had a lot of queries regarding the servicing, the installments that had to be paid, situations which would require me to have parts of the bike replaced and a lot more. They were systematic in explaining each and every detail to me and gave me instances in which I may face certain challenges but assured me that with their help, getting things in order would be much easier.

Constant upgrade – Every bike introduced to the market by the brand has been better than the previous one. The company consistently makes an effort to design and manufacture bikes that are better in performance. As a brand, Yamaha has always strived to improve the technology and engineering used in each of their machines. They have therefore been awarded at recognizable platforms for various aspects of their motorbikes. Regardless of whether it is their scooters or sports bikes, Yamaha has forever been winning the hearts of bike enthusiasts across the globe. The level of innovation when it comes to the designs of their bikes is unparalleled. They in no way are mere motorbikes but selectively crafted pieces of art.

Transparency – This experience comes from my research as well as a joint experience of helping a friend get his Yamaha serviced too. Post sale care of a bike ranks at the top of the priority list. You could bring your bike in to the service station for a simple oil change or even a whole part replaced, the service station will make sure that your bike is delivered back to you in the best shape. My friend has never once experienced being overcharged or seen addition of services that are charged on the bill.

It is now close to a year that I have been using the bike and my first two services with the company has been incredible. The staff has always exhibited great professionalism and I have never once faced any hindrance when seeking help from them. With the overall experience I was treated to I don't just think of myself to have got the bike I wanted, instead I am a proud owner of a brilliant Yamaha. Yes, I do feel like the price was on the higher side, but I have no regrets about it. Everything from the fuel consumption to the design and the feel of the ride too is just a perfect experience. I am also of the opinion that because I bought the bike from one of the authorised Yamaha motorcycle dealers Pune, that my experience was a much better one.

Getting To Know Tandoori Better

Food on the whole has the ability to leave diners mesmerised and make them feel almost like they are lost in the moment. The flavours that sink onto your palate with every bite can be so soothing to your senses. Which is why, a number of misconceptions about food and the industry that you may have are all forgiven. Like, tandoori is perceived to be a cuisine, when in-fact it is the name of a cooking technique. Other famous misconceptions that people and you might have are that tomatoes are Indian, when in fact they were originally found in Spain and that authentic Chinese food tastes exactly the way it is served in the restaurants here. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. If I were to dig out these misconceptions, we could be wading through them to find out the truth. Tandoor is one of the most adored food types in the country. Some of you may even be surprised to know that this style of cooking is famous in the United Kingdom as well as in France. Yup, there are things the French envy about us too! Yes, I did refer to it as a food type because it is not a cuisine. The word Tandoori originates from clay cylindrical oven called tandoor, which is used to cook breads, meats and vegetables. The best replication of this in the Continental front would be barbecue. Delicacies from the tandoor can be best enjoyed at the tandoori restaurants inHyderabad.

I was recently enjoying a meal at a restaurant around my house with my friends and we were discussing what in the food business we would like to try next. When one of them suggested that we should explore "the tandoori cuisine." It then suddenly struck me, what is 'tandoori cuisine'? Now I of course forgave him for saying that because the poor chap is Canadian and he knew no better. But it dawned on me that many of you, including myself, up until a certain point, believed that tandoori is a cuisine. So I thought it would be nice to clear the air on the misconceptions held with this form of cooking.

The mention of tandoori only makes you think heavy spices and a burning hot tongue. The flaming red colour from the traditional tandoori chicken lights up our thoughts. It makes you salivate no doubt, but also makes you feel like you need to grab that cold glass of water to sooth out the spice. A number of preparations involve curd and the marination of the meat in it. The deep orange colour is conjured from haldi or turmeric. Kashmiri chillis too are used to stir up that mouth watering colour. The devilish black lining that you may see sometimes is caused from being cooked in the oven.

There is a surprising number of people who believe that cooking in a tandoor is an exotic way of preparing the food. Sure, some of you may simply laugh this one off, but I myself have come across too many people who think this way. Though the concepts were alive even back in the days, stoves and grills became a thing much later. What we now know as stoves, were chulas back in the days. Tandoors too were the age old ovens. These were used by the locals to cook their breads and meats, as using oil was an expensive affair. Considering that this happened in the Northern region of the country, where the climate was cold, ovens would be ideal to use as the fire would not burn out easily.

Eating food that is cooked in a tandoor can actually be a healthy choice. When the meat is cooked in the oven and over the burning coal, the fat is melted, leaving you with nothing but lean meat. This works brilliantly when cooking mutton, lamb and to a great extent chicken too. Also, the meat cooks in its own fat which then makes it a much healthier option rather than having processed oil drizzled all over it. Even though there is no use of additional oil and this cooking style is as local as it can get, there is no compromise made on the flavour. On the contrary, the meat is succulent with every bit and the breads are soft and delightful.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Most Common Cases Reported to Endocrinologists

More and more people we come across, complain of conditions arising in their body that leave them feeling uncomfortable or causing them to constantly fall ill. When asked for reasons from doctors and experts, stress, has become one of the leading causes for a majority of these ailments. Another great effect stress has on our bodies is the alteration of the amount of hormones secreted. Every other day we hear of new health issues coming up that are related to imbalance in the hormones. And they cause much greater effects on our body than we can imagine. An imbalance in hormones can affect your mood, the hair growth on your body and rejuvenation of skin, muscle, the quality of sleep, digestion and break down of the food that is consumed and much more. Hormone imbalance is alot like the domino effect. The moment it it is affected, it causes various other things in our body to go haywire. For instance, the occurrence of PCOD - Polycystic Ovarian Disease which causes hormones to fluctuate brings on a string of problems such as irregular menstrual cycle, unusual facial hair growth, pigmentation in the skin, tiredness, infertility and weight gain. After these issues begin affecting the physical end of a person, it escalates to the psychological one, which means depression follows after all these conditions begin to rise in the body. Complications like this are common in both men and women and it is essential to visit the best endocrinologists Pune for a consult. Here are some of the top health issues that are reported to these specialists.

Thyroid – Have you noticed an unexplained weight gain or loss recently? Matched with sensitivity to cold, constant constipation, inability to detect fever and even regular heartbeats are the most common symptoms of thyroid. These of course differ based on whether you are suffering from Hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism. In many cases, patients also complain of dry skin and fluid retention. This condition has a great effect on your hormones and can cause you to go into depression, depending on the severity of the situation. With irregular eating and sleeping habits that many of you are seen following, having thyroid occur in the body has become no surprise off late. The growth of the thyroid gland causes the neck area to swell to an abnormal amount which is a condition referred to as Goiter. Though common, this problem requires constant attention as the immune system in the body begins attacking the body itself.

Osteoporosis – Many of you may be familiar with this one, and this point a little confused too. Generally, this condition is known to be a problem related with the bone. Many also perceive it to be caused due to old age. In a way it is true. When approaching the problem directly, it is one that affects the bone. However, women who go through menopause already begin facing hormone imbalances in their body. Most of which is used to help keep the body's frame in place. With its constant fluctuation, the bones too begin to depreciate and friction is caused. So while many have been treated directly for their bone, there is a chance that the root cause of this can be hormones. And if so, the patient needs to be treated by an experienced endocrinologist.

Metabolic syndrome – The first thing that hormone imbalance affects in your body is your metabolism. You will instantly notice a change in your weight when facing a fluctuation with your hormones. If you have ever noticed your stomach inflating out of no where or your blood reports indicating unexplained diabetes or even high blood pressure, there is a possibility that this could be the problem. Again, the core problem for this to arise is, the presence of hormonal imbalances.

Gynecomastia – Both, the male and female species have estrogen and progesterone present in their bodies. When there is an imbalance and the secretion of progesterone has increased in the female body, she begins to see a greater growth in facial hair, muscle building in the body and more symptoms that bring out masculine features in her. Under this condition, males notice that their breasts get larger in size. This occurs more when boys hit their puberty.
These are some of the most common cases that come to the desks of the endocrinologists in Pune. These issues start off with symptoms that you might just overlook. Therefore it is of utmost importance to pay attention to your body and keep a track of the changes it goes through. In this way, it will help give the doctor a better and more detailed insight to your body.

If you ever find yourself battling issues like these or even have symptoms that point you in the direction of these conditions, the first thing you ought to do is head to one of the best endocrinologists in Pune. Finding the root cause of a problem when it is at its earliest stage can be done only if you visit these doctors on time and on a regular basis.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

SAP – A Brief Overview and What's in Store for You

SAP training institutes Mumbai

For my B-school project, I had to research about the mantra followed by successful businesses that have led them to make a mark for themselves in the competitive market. During the course of my research, I stumbled upon how a majority of businesses have organized their operations for better functioning and this caught my attention. I realized that proper communication and coordination among all the departments of a business is very crucial for its smooth functioning. This becomes all the more imperative in case of large businesses that have multiple dimensions. This is where I learnt some more about SAP, which stands for Systems Applications and Products. Easing things out for large organizations, this software was designed to streamline all the processes of a business and to integrate them with one another for better overall functioning of the business. A large number of multi-national companies have resorted to the use of SAP and this has led to an increased demand for employees who are SAP certified. This is one of the main reasons why you will find an astounding number of SAP training institutes in Mumbai.

Here are a few significant things that you need to know about SAP:

A brief about SAP: This tool helps an organization to better organize all its activities. There are a number of fully integrated modules in SAP that cover various aspects of a business and allow to effectively and efficiently manage these, thus saving time. The use of this enterprise resource planning software is not confined to only one domain of a business. It can be used in areas such as human resource management, financial accounting management, customer relationship management, sales and distribution, quality management, warehouse management and so on. There is a distinct module for every specific area and you can choose to specialize in your area of interest. All of these diverse processes are ultimately aligned into one program that makes the overall functioning and handling easy and more organized.

Types of SAP training: There is no doubt in the fact that acquiring SAP certification gives you an upper hand at job interviews as many companies today give preference to SAP certified employees for better productivity and functioning of the organization. However, before you set out to enroll for a course, it is vital for you to understand your area of interest and accordingly choose a functional module. For starters, you have to make a choice between functional and technical courses. Functional courses span across areas like accounts and finance, human resource, customer relationship, sales and marketing and the likes. On the other hand, technical courses essentially cover the domain of information technology. The next step after deciding on the type of course is to pick a module in which you wish to specialize.

How SAP training enhances your professional profile? Finding the answer to this question is the most important before you sign up for a course. The demand that organizations have for SAP certified individuals is one the rise. Having certified in SAP, you are at the receiving end of more job opportunities than your contemporaries who do not have this certification. This is because the course adds immense value to your skill set and the industry looks at you as a value addition to their organization. Also, in addition to having a better line-up of employment opportunities, you are also entitled to a more lucrative remuneration in comparison to someone without SAP training. Because you bring much more to the company in terms of your skills, knowledge, expertise, and overall know-how, you are looked upon as a more worthwhile addition to the employer. It also further improvises your chances of a promotion, earns you immense recognition and respect from seniors, colleagues and sub-ordinates, and gives you a chance to prove your mettle.

As for me, I have made up my mind to finish my MBA and then sign up at one of the most recognized SAP training institutes Mumbai offers to better my chances of recruitment in leading organizations. If you too want to be at the top of your game, I'd suggest you to analyze your areas of strength and expertise and enroll for SAP certification too.