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Friday, 27 April 2018

Signs Men Must See a Urologist

As men get older, they often have to face some physical, health issues for which they need to go and visit their primary care physician. Most of these ‘men issues’ can be dealt without much difficulty, but at times circumstances arise where they need the help of a specialist. Your general physician easily will be able to help with most of the basic issues that you have to deal with, but sometimes your physician may reveal some concern-worthy things about your body for which you may need a detailed treatment. After your physician directs you, it is time for you to go and visit a urologist in Ahmedabad.

On a daily basis, do you really acknowledge how important your urological condition is? Most of the men to this day have taken the grand ability to urinate peacefully for granted. Your urological organs do a great deal of work in order to process all the food that you eat and all the liquid that you drink. These organs are also responsible to help you reproduce in life. In order to treat your urological organs, you have a physician who specializes in all the diseases related to these organs, called the urologist. A urologist specializes in ailments of the urinary tract as well as the whole male reproductive system. Men are usually referred by their physician to a urologist when they need a treatment for any problem related to the urethra, ureters, kidneys, bladder, and adrenal glands. Furthermore, urologists can also treat disorders with regards to the penis, prostate, seminal vesicles, epididymis, and the testes. Mentioned below are some of the ailments that can be treated by visiting a urologist.

1. Erectile dysfunction 

If you are a victim of erectile dysfunction that it is of the utmost importance for you to go and visit a urologist. This is because if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction in your life then it may be a sign of an even bigger health concern that may require immediate professional care and attention. If at any time in your life you tend to observe that you are beginning to face consistent issues with your erections, you must immediately visit a specialist who can then enlighten you about all the problems that can lead to erectile dysfunction such as vascular diseases, hypertension, renal failure and and various other things that can affect your intimacy with your partner. Now even if you are someone who experiences erectile dysfunction, then do not wait to first visit your physician and then have him consult you to see a urologist. Take the initiative yourself without wasting any time and visit the penis doctor. If you are scared as to what all questions can arise at the clinic regarding this issues, then you need not worry. First of all, you will not have to narrate your entire story, to begin with just a few basic questions here and there will do, and the doctor will help you to fix the issue soon enough.

2. Urinary problems

If you are going through any kind of urinary unrestraint, then you really need to go and see a urologist. This usually mainly occurs when you can’t control your urine. If you also find yourself soaking your pants without having any control on your bladder then you should definitely visit the concerned specialist. Your urologist will be able to suggest you many treatment options regarding the same problem, which can include both medications as well as surgery. If you visit your general physician with this problem, seriously there is not much he is going to be able to do with it. You really need to go and see a urologist if you cannot stop a leaking pee.

3. When you spot blood in your urine

When you spot blood in your urine, it is about time you go and visit a urologist and not just a general physician. This should be a sign of self-referral. Spotting blood in the urine is a huge sign of either bladder or kidney problem. It can be cancer and it can also be something not so serious. Whatever the case is, you must consult your urologist for it. There are several other symptoms that you should not ignore and simply just make an appointment to visit your concerned specialist. If you are experiencing any sort of pain in the lower abdominal, especially post sex then you need to see the doctor. If you are facing any kind of difficulty or burning sensation while passing urine, you need to see the doctor. Symptoms of decreased sexual desire, testicular mass or infertility should immediately be presented to the urologist.

Some of these issues may seem pretty minor or negligible to you because you have only spotted them once, but why take any chance? It might appear as a small problem but can later on become a warning sign of something life-threatening. If you are facing any these problems, you must immediately visit a urologist Ahmedabad has available for you.