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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Know International Courier Services Better

The introduction of courier services in the market has made life a lot easier when it comes to sending parcels to another person who is standing miles away from you. It omits the need for you to personally travel and have the parcel delivered. What is amazing is that its service reaches across the borders of the city, state, country and continent. My father has a handicraft store and often gets order from merchants located in around 10 to 12 cities across the country. When I introduced to him the concept of courier services, he was amazed at how well it worked. I remember him narrating to me how painstaking it would get when the orders were high to personally go and deliver the items. A fair share of his savings would go in traveling from one city to another, making it a rather expensive affair. But his love for handicrafts didn't let him give up the store. Now with the option of having courier services on his side, he has seen great benefits. He has tied up with a renowned courier service and has his parcels transported without an ounce of hassle. He now finds himself in a much better space now. Not only is he less tired, but he has more time to spend on making his business better. Over the last few years, he has seen his business soar to new heights. He has extended his business to three more cities. My father is a happier and more prosperous man now. I too have got into the business and I'm looking to take it to an international level. Because let's face it, we all know how exotic the Indian products are considered to be across the seas. As I browsed through the establishments offering courierservices in Pune and spoke to them about my international shipping plan, here are a few things I learnt.

Not every country allows everything – It is important to research on the items that are allowed to be shipped to certain countries and the one that are restricted. Doing your homework on the rules and regulations set for each country with regard to what can be couriered will save you an ample amount of time. For instance, in Europe it is highly imperative to complete and have attached a customs declaration when a parcel is being sent out of the country. If the details of anything are incorrect, then you could be in big trouble. As per an article I had once read, one cannot ship clown costumes to the southern region of France. This is because 6,000 strong village of Vendargues have banned the costume. A number of pranksters were known to cause immense panic among children and therefore to keep this at bay, the place has banned clown costumes. You cannot export chewing gum to the City State of Singapore. They are on a mission to keep the city clean and therefore are trying to keep chewing gum off the streets.

Securing package is the most essential – Be sure that whatever you are shipping is legal and within the specified laws. Make sure that you are packaging it well. You may have to end up paying a bit more to have it wrapped and sealed, but you had rather do that than have your item damaged. Sometimes simply using bubble wrap isn't enough. You may have to place the item in a wooden box with hay all around it. By packaging your shipment well, you save it from being damaged in any way. When in transit, not always can you be entirely sure of how well it is being handled. Therefore make sure that you spend enough time knowing what is the best way to pack the item you are having shipped.

International payments may vary – One aspect of international shipping that can turn an experience sour for you is international shipping cost. A misconception that many have is that they have to tear open all their bank accounts to pay for the shipment. If you research well, you will be able to know how much are the exact costs to ship various items to different countries. Also, bear in mind that this is going to be shipped across the country or continent. So, factor in that when you are working out your costing. Every country has their own set of charges, but knowing this in advance will save you from paying more than you really ought to.

By keeping this tips in mind, I was able to make successful shipments without burning a hole in my pocket or having myself thrown in depression. I have tied up with two recognised companies offering courier services in Pune and they have delivered exceptional services to me on every occasion.