Thursday, 11 September 2014

How Much Air It Moves - Buy Ceiling Fans Online

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The market online is flooded with a wide range of designer fans India offers to the world. Most of them have claims of bringing down energy bills and of being super-efficient' in more ways than one - with DC motors installed as well. With the rising cost of electricity all around the globe, such energy bill saving can translate into a large amount that can be invested somewhere else.

One has to take a look at the best high speed fans in India, which have plenty of efficiency in their functioning, for their homes. In most cases, a home would need a ceiling fan (per room), which runs on 355 CFM/Watt, to be highly efficient. This is the definition of €cubic feet per minute of airflow'; produced by the fan for the number of watts the appliance consumes to generate flow of air.

Hence, with best ceiling fans in India the more the air consumed for every watt used; the more efficiency given by the fan. However, one should look at buying ceiling fans which have eco-motors' at least, they use state-of-the-art DC technology motors, which wouldn't consume too much power while circulating air; a win-win situation.

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