Saturday, 21 February 2015

Pedestal fans in india are picking up in popularity

Pedestal fans in india

Fans are an essential part of an Indian home.  With the kind of weather that we get in India and the type of houses that we build, a fan fits right into our lifestyle.  It can help us stay cool during the warm months.  It can either compliment the air conditioner or be used by itself, depending upon how hot it is at that point of time.

Recently, though, some of the best ceiling fans in India are facing stiff competition from the pedestal fans.  If one casts one’s memory to a couple of decades back, there was absolutely no competition to the ceiling fans.  However, the modern generation seems to be gravitating towards pedestal fans too.  Following are some reasons why pedestal fans in India are picking up in popularity:

AFFORDABILITY – The first thing that comes to mind is the affordability of the pedestal fans.  If you have been in the market for fans, you would know that these fans are cheaper as compared to their ceiling counterpart.  The ceiling fan prices in India are highly affordable, but the pedestal fans are even cheaper.  Therefore, they serve as the perfect choice for the first-time home buyers.



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