Thursday, 18 December 2014

Specialists in MRO Data Cleansing Techniques

MRO data standardization

Data Enrichment
Data enrichment refers to that process via which it is possible to improve raw data present in a database. In this way, that data can be made useful and can present the company with useful information. A common easy to understand example of data enrichment is a process of funding and replacing misspellings with correct words, using necessary piece of software.

Data standardization
Data needs to be shared among different sections in an enterprise. However, it is mandatory to make that information trustworthy before it is distributed. This is where MRO data standardization comes in. It ensures that the information is according to standards and is correct. Theoretically, it needs to be checked at the time of importer of data. However, that may not be always possible so as another process finds errors afterwards and removes them.

Verdantis has created an automated system for this purpose- Verdantis Integrity. It is a VMDM software which is used by major enterprises all over the world for proper data input.

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