Monday, 24 June 2013

India And Its Magnificent Temple Jewellery

temple jewellery

Ashish Kaith has extensive knowledge on jewellery and designing. Being an expert of Indian jewellery designs, he writes articles related to gold and jewellery to help people make better choices.

Many people assume that all temple inspired jewellery have images of gods and deities. However, every pattern inspired from nature is also a part of the temple jewellery collection. This includes designs of leaves, birds, flowers and animals engraved on gold. Popular temple jewellery usually have a pendant design of has goddess Mahalakshmi - the goddess of luck and fortune, seated on a lotus. The images of Lord Krishna, Ganesha, Balaji and Vishnu have also become popular in recent times. The main attraction of temple inspired jewellery is the pendants which are huge and alluring with sparkling gemstones and pearls etched on them.



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