Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Print Ad Agencies Contribute To Make Print Media The Most Sought After In Advertising

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Indian advertising and marketing has a substantially large market size which has contributed in the extensive growth of creative ad agencies in India. Clients prefer spending predominantly on print advertising followed by television which has accelerated the revenue quotient of this industry. 

Be it the biggest annual sports events, political campaigns or movie promotions, print media has become the most sought after medium of marketing and advertising. Masterminds behind creating magic on print are print ad agencies in India. Looking at the growth aspects of print media, a recent report released has stated that this medium will continue to dominate the market for the next few years in India followed by other means of media advertising such as digital media, Television, radio and social media sites.

Successful Print Media
Corporate brands have been extensively hiring experienced brand agencies in India who have been churning out successful print media campaign that have appealed extensively to the masses. With the increase in number of e-commerce websites and fmcg companies, the demand for print media has increased thereby increasing the revenue generated by this medium. A recent report released has stated that print media will continue to remain the best advertising medium followed by television which is a close second.

Radio Revenues
With the mushrooming of so many radio stations recently, radio has shown a large amount of improvement when compared to a few years back as it is been used by creative ad agencies in India to form ad campaigns for companies and political parties. These campaigns have an extremely large outreach as radios are extensively used in every nook and corner of India.

Digital Media
Digital media has shown improvement over the last 5 years and is the largest medium apart from print media. It has seen spectacular growth thereby contributing to a raise in its revenue.

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