Monday, 23 April 2018

Why You Shouldn't Base Your Medical Judgement Purely From Research Off the Internet

The internet has grown from being a space where you could find information, to a space where you can share your set of information too. YouTube for videos, Soundcloud for audio, Wordpress for written content and Tumblr for pictures. These are just a bunch of the key platforms that allow people to share their talent, research, information and experiences with the world outside. But like everything else in life, this too has its set of pointers that will open new windows of thought that ultimately lead to learning and the other that will do the same, but may take you spiraling down a dreadful drain. Health and medical care is the one topic, if followed purely by internet research can make things go very very wrong. If all the information that was received from the internet were true, we would all be terminally ill. But thank the stars that it isn't so! While it allows people from all corners of the world to share their bit, it does not guarantee that everything you come across will be legitimate. The one fad that never fails to grab the attention of men and women are the before and after transformation posts. A minimum of one post at the least has appeared in your Facebook feeds. Some of these posts show drastic transformations where the person has undergone surgery which has corrected that crooked nose or protruding chin or sliced out the double chin to leave a chiseled jawline. If there is one thing that these posts make us do, it is to envy the perfection these people have achieved with their surgeries. But a common mistake that many do is to not consult cosmetic surgeons in Pune, but rather, resort to the blogs and vlogs that people share and take what they say as Gospel truth. Here is how you can go horribly wrong without the advice of a professional.

Bargain is best – When the popularity of something grows, the prices of the same tend to get competitive in the market. However, choosing to settle on the surgery based on the price is not the best way to go. Think of that time when your friend or someone you know went to a tattoo artist who set up shop in a shady corner only because they wanted a tattoo. And what was initially expected to look like a face turns out to look no less than an egg head. I have witnessed these tattoos go so wrong, that the person had to be rushed to the hospital because the needles had caused a hideous infection. I don't think any one of you reading this would want to be dealing with a situation like that. And no, not even those home remedies suggested on sites can help you get things right.

You can get it right the second time – Oh Lord NO!!! When getting cosmetic surgery done, know that the best results can be achieved in the first go itself, which is why follow rule number one and don't mess it up. Getting a correction done after the first surgery has a greater chance of going wrong that anything else. The best example of such a case is the legendary Michael Jackson. Repeatedly going under the knife generally too, is not the best idea. Hence, choosing the right surgeon the first time itself is important.

Zero scars – If someone tries to sell you the idea that you will be left with not a single scar, turn away instantly. This specially goes for the bigger surgeries such as arm lifts, breast augmentation and tummy tightening. There is in no way you can undergo a surgery this big and walk out looking drastically different with not the slightest scar seen. Those getting into surgeries like these are of the belief that if the doctor is skilled then there is hardly any scope of a scar showing after the surgery. Truth be told, genetic factors play a much bigger role in this case.

Cosmetic surgery solves all problems – 'No one is perfect' is something we have been hearing endlessly. But it is true. Why are you getting the surgery done? If there is a part of your body you wish to improve, surgery in all probability can do it. It can also make you feel good for a while. But it can in no way heal any kind of emotional stress. If there is an emotional turmoil that you are dealing with, then cosmetic surgery is not going to be able to fix it.
I understand that this article may come off as a little ironic but my only suggestion here is to consult the ones who are truly the professionals. Verify the doctor you go to by checking the credentials and steer away from the pseudo medical experts. If you stick to consulting the reputed cosmetic surgeons Pune, you will be able to enjoy a much better outcome.


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