Wednesday, 18 April 2018

It Isn't Just a Bike, It's a Yamaha

At some point in time every boy dreams of having a bike of his own. Of course the expectation of when they would like their first one might be sooner than possible, but nevertheless, they always desire to invest in one that they can call their own. Some make their preferences based on the type of bike they want. It could be a dirt bike, a sports bike, a cruiser or a chopper. The other half chooses their bikes based on the brand. Of course you dream of the best but when reality strikes you still hold on to aspirations, but those that fit within a budget. For those whose bank accounts size up to the carpet area of my house, dream of Harley Davidsons, Kawasakis and Ducatis. For those who stand a little lower than that, like me, dream of owning a Yamaha or a KTM. Now don't get me wrong, these brands too feature bikes that can be classified in the niche segment. But they bridge the gap in the hope of making their bikes affordable for a larger audience. The thrill of owning a bike of your own is a feeling of sheer excitement. Like most little boys, I too grew up fantasizing about owning my own motorbike. From my very first job, I began to save month after month, year after year, increment after increment, until I got a good break into a new company that rained a package on me, sufficient to sanction me a loan. That offer letter was my golden ticket. I was finally going to get my hands on my dream bike. For about a year, I had my mind set on the Yamaha FZ V2.0 FI. So I decided a time and date to visit one of the best Yamaha motorcycledealers in Pune. The features of the bike were no doubt incredible and I was thoroughly impressed with the test drive the dealership encouraged me to take. Through the entire process, I realised a few things about Yamaha as a brand which convinced me that investing in their bike was a decision I would not regret.

Honest opinions – The staff at the dealership were very clear when speaking to me about the bike. They complemented the aspects of the bike that were truly remarkable and did not try to oversell any characteristics of the bike. Honestly in my opinion, I felt that simply riding the bike would have been enough to convince anyone to go ahead and 'make a move'. I had a lot of queries regarding the servicing, the installments that had to be paid, situations which would require me to have parts of the bike replaced and a lot more. They were systematic in explaining each and every detail to me and gave me instances in which I may face certain challenges but assured me that with their help, getting things in order would be much easier.

Constant upgrade – Every bike introduced to the market by the brand has been better than the previous one. The company consistently makes an effort to design and manufacture bikes that are better in performance. As a brand, Yamaha has always strived to improve the technology and engineering used in each of their machines. They have therefore been awarded at recognizable platforms for various aspects of their motorbikes. Regardless of whether it is their scooters or sports bikes, Yamaha has forever been winning the hearts of bike enthusiasts across the globe. The level of innovation when it comes to the designs of their bikes is unparalleled. They in no way are mere motorbikes but selectively crafted pieces of art.

Transparency – This experience comes from my research as well as a joint experience of helping a friend get his Yamaha serviced too. Post sale care of a bike ranks at the top of the priority list. You could bring your bike in to the service station for a simple oil change or even a whole part replaced, the service station will make sure that your bike is delivered back to you in the best shape. My friend has never once experienced being overcharged or seen addition of services that are charged on the bill.

It is now close to a year that I have been using the bike and my first two services with the company has been incredible. The staff has always exhibited great professionalism and I have never once faced any hindrance when seeking help from them. With the overall experience I was treated to I don't just think of myself to have got the bike I wanted, instead I am a proud owner of a brilliant Yamaha. Yes, I do feel like the price was on the higher side, but I have no regrets about it. Everything from the fuel consumption to the design and the feel of the ride too is just a perfect experience. I am also of the opinion that because I bought the bike from one of the authorised Yamaha motorcycle dealers Pune, that my experience was a much better one.


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