Wednesday, 4 April 2018

3 Genres of Motorcycles From Yamaha For Different Biking Needs

Yamaha motorcycle dealers in Mumbai

Bikes are a passion that many of us are enthusiastic about. And it wouldn't be wrong to say that considering today's scenario in the city, bikes have gone beyond being a passion to being a necessity. The madness on the roads, thanks to the never-ending traffic jams, renders little patience to be behind the wheel for hours at a stretch being stuck in what can be called not-moving-at-all traffic. Maneuvering around on bikes is far better and convenient in the city and this is something I personally prefer too, as the past few months have made me partial towards bikes. The major reason for my choice is the time difference that it takes me to reach my office by a four-wheeler compared to that of a two-wheeler. Now that being said, I must also admit that my love for bikes is limited to being a pillion, but an experienced and knowledgeable one at that. I have been riding pillion with my brother for the last fifteen years and it is his love for bike riding that has made a place in my life too. Now with him being a true-blue bike lover, I have gained immense information about two-wheelers, the various brands as well as some technicalities. My brother has tried his hand at different makes of bikes in all these years and one name that he blindly trusts with his experience is Yamaha. When it comes to deciding on a particular bike, I have seen him visit showrooms of Yamaha motorcycle dealers Mumbai offers and consider his options before a purchase.

There are a number of parameters like your budget, purpose of purchasing a bike, the finance options, fuel consumption and mileage, and resale value, that are usually considered before making the purchase. Apart from these, a rather imperative aspect is to determine the type of bike that you are looking at. The automobile sector has evolved radically and there are genres and sub-genres that justify your every need. During a recent conversation with him, my brother happened to enlighten me about how Yamaha has made a mark for itself in different genres of bikes and thus become a fit-for-all two-wheeler brand. He was scouting for a new set of wheels and during our trip to the dealership stores in the city, I discovered a lot. I was amazed to learn that the brand has a line-up of exciting models for beginners as well as for seasoned bikers, a fact that I was completely unaware of. Of the wide choice from their line-up, 3 types of motorcycles from the house of Yamaha have stayed with me. Here, I will be sharing the 3 types that managed to impress me the most and I hope it makes for a good and insightful read.

Cruisers: For those who enjoy bike riding for the sheer joy of long rides and the thrill of the wind blowing in the face while riding freely across the terrains of the city, cruisers are a perfect fit. Yamaha VMAX is a classic example of what can be called a ride made for giving that adrenaline rush when you set the bike in motion. A sturdy model which is an embodiment of the best of design and technical specifications, it impressed my brother as a rider and me as someone who enjoys the looks of a bike while enjoying the ride. What I like about this type of ride is that while it gives an exhilarating experience, the ride is not at all uncomfortable. If you are someone who enjoys long distance travels on your bike and are looking for an exciting upgrade, then considering this one will surely be a wise decision.

Sports Bikes: Now who doesn't love sports bikes? Even a non-rider's eyes widen at the sight of a majestic and mean sports bike. The sound of the bike's acceleration is enough to invigorate excitement. I cannot even count the number of instances when I have coaxed my brother to become a professional bike racer for the pure pleasure of being able to experience first-hand the on-the-edge feel that it offers. Though Yamaha has a number of sports bikes under its banner, the latest launch from the brand, Yamaha YZF R15 V3.0 is every adventure junkie's need. It is the latest to join the bandwagon of sports bikes and I find it to be a thunderous addition.

Commuter Bikes: I cannot imagine my father riding a sports bike or an off-road motorcycle. For him and for other regular bike riders, commuter bikes are a saviour. After all, it is not every day that you can park yourself on a sports bike or a cruiser and be on your way to the local market to buy your weekly stock of groceries. The Yamaha Saluto RX is a favourite among the masses. I can say so because a couple of friends are proud owners of this one. It fits the bill perfectly for being an affordable ride, one that can take you to your workplace and yet make a style statement, thanks to its smart design.

Though there are other genres out there, these 3 have left a mark on my mind. I did get to see these models by visiting a number of Yamaha motorcycle dealers in Mumbai with my brother. He is still contemplating between a couple of options from the brand and hopefully will soon make up his mind. And if you too are looking out for options, do plan a visit to these dealership stores in the city and check for the availability of a model of your choice.


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