Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Great Apps for B Tech Chemical Engineering Students & Professionals

If you want to be a chemical engineer, there are various options for you.  You can decide to pursue it from good universities in your own country or venture on a new adventure.  Top notch international education is available at Dubai engineering colleges.  Whether you want to pursue B Tech chemical engineering or even a master’s course, you will find those in these universities and colleges in Dubai.  
However, once you are a student or you have now passed the course; you need support to keep yourself productive.  Smart phone is turning out to be a great tool for boosting productivity among students and professionals.  Gone are those days when phones were just used for calling or texting.  They have now translated into a full-fledged mobile office set-up.  Here is a list of some great apps that can help chemical engineering students and professionals keep them on the top of their game:

1. CHEZ Lite:  This is an Android app, and it can help chemical engineering students in a great way.  This free application encompasses a large number of equations.  These are those equations that chemical engineers will use on a regular basis.  There is also a complete version of this application, and you can have that at a competitive price.  

2. Scan to PDF: With paper documents, there is a high chance of you losing those documents.  If those documents relate to your product or something pertinent, it will be a great loss to misplace them.  That’s when this Android app can come in handy.  It converts your documents into a scanned PDF copy, right from the phone.  This can also help you eliminate paper.

3. Talking Calendar: If you are juggling between multiple appointments, this calendar will help you track them efficiently.  What’s even better?  It talks to you.

4. Engineering Handbook:  From time to time, you will need to refer back to your engineering notes.  How about having a comprehensive engineering handbook in your pocket?  Wouldn’t that be super fancy?  That’s what this great iPhone app does for you.  Every time you need something, you can refer back to your handbook.

5. Chemical Engineering Formulator: This app works with Android as well as iOS based smart phones.  It has information of about 100 formulas that chemical engineers need in their daily life.  There are plans to grow this further to 200 formulas in the near future.  Examples of these formulas include emission calculation, air quality correct particulate, etc.

6. Elements Period Table:  This Android app offers to you a period table of the elements in your smart phone.


If you are still a student, and the option of studying in Dubai fascinates you; there are numerous chemical engineering colleges in Dubai.  Bits Pilani (Dubai Campus) is one among them.  It is one of the top engineering colleges in Dubai, and has earned the reputation of being extremely detailed and meticulous in its approach to chemical engineering education.  

About Author:
Mahesh Shiraskar is an academician who believes in technology.  He thinks that mobile apps can greatly help b tech chemical engineering students and professionals.


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