Friday, 9 September 2016

3 Best Restaurants Run By Hospitality Companies In Dubai

With the large number of guests and immigrants welcomed into Dubai still increasing, a huge potential has arisen in the hospitality industry of the city. And even with the huge competition this industry poses, there is never an end to the upcoming hospitality companies in Dubai.

In this hospitality industry, the restaurants of the city have really left a global mark with their diverse range, ambience and the exquisite cuisine they offer. Some of the best restaurants in dubai are listed below:

1. Kauai – This is a south African franchise named after an island in the Hawaiian archipelago. This chain of restaurants is known for the Aloha theme in their outlets. The logo of the company forms an integral part of their marketing strategy, which consists of what they like to call the “good vibes” sun, which represents the flavors of the Hawaiian island. Their motto of “eat better, live better” makes it clear that the restaurant aims to compensate neither on the hygiene of their consumers, nor the taste of their products.

2. Prax’s – This is an unusual restaurant in itself. It is hard to miss with the neon lit sing board and the loud interior designs. They are known for their diverse range of Chinese and thai cuisine, which could be specially coked upon the consumer’s demands. However, what makes it unique is the fact 
that the restaurant has alive kitchen visible to the customers through a huge glass wall. This reflects the confidence the restaurant has on its hygiene level and of course, acts as a brilliant strategy to gain the trust of any person walking into their restaurant.

3. Breathe café – This café is inspired by life. This is a chain planned to be a part of the Aster Hospital chain to cater to the patients and their visitors at a critical phase in their life. This restaurant aims to be a part of the life of their customers, comforting them in their times of sorrow and congratulating them in their times of happiness.

Apart from being some of the most unique restaurants in the city, the above three places have another thing in common, they have the same hospitality consultants Dubai, Ribbon-Me. Ribbon-Me is known for its services in hospitality consulting Dubai UAE. They are popular for providing turn key management models to the hospitality companies in the city on the basis of a complete analysis of their business and industry.


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