Thursday, 18 August 2016

Why Computer Science and Engineering Are Useful for Everyone

Computer Science is a wide field.  It trains a student on how to automate algorithmic processes that can be scaled in the future.  In other words, students are prepared to understand computation theory and be able to design computational systems.  There are various disciplines that fall under this broad definition.  Consider the case of computer programming, human-computer interaction, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, etc.  In fact, computer science and engineering are closely related too.

Let’s spend some time to debate whether computer science should be one of the course offerings in high school.  We believe that it should be one of the core subjects at high school.  We say that because, computer science is extremely important for the professionals of the future.  Regardless of the field they choose, computer science can hold them in good stead.  Here are some reasons why think so:

Requirement: Most majors in universities/colleges that need math also require students to have some knowledge of programming.  Computer Science can give students the desired knowledge of how computational theory & programming can help solve various tasks and programs.

Efficient Methodologies: The world needs efficient methodologies in order to continue the growth that we are used to.  Without any improvements in our systems, we might risk stagnation in our economies.  Computer Science students can gauge the nature of computation and provide more efficient methodologies to solve problems.  These new technologies will carve out a world for the future.

Job Skill: Computer Science, going forward, will also become an integral job skill for various professionals.  Consider the case of Big Data.  Even small & medium sized companies are today dealing with huge data sizes.  Elementary knowledge of computer science will help professionals carve out algorithms to turn that big data into valuable insights.  Another example can be of artificial intelligence.  It will certainly be the future tool of marketing for organizations, and working knowledge of that will become indispensable.

Computer Security: With large sizes of data comes large number of security issues.  Computer Science can sensitize students towards the risks that we face, and how can we solve them.

Imperative for Engineering: Computer science and engineering go hand-in-hand.  Various fields of engineering like Computer & Electrical are closely related to computer science.  In fact, various universities offer computer science engineering courses that combine computer science and engineering.

In short, computer science is an extremely important part of any curriculum, be it in high-school or colleges/universities.  Once you complete your high school, though, you can pursue your further studies from the large number of universities and colleges in Dubai.  There are options of Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PHD in Computer Science in Dubai.  Among the various universities that thrive in this education hub, Bits Pilani is one of the most popular ones.  It is experienced in the field and has employed some of the best faculty for the job.  To know more about the university, you can visit its website:

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Mahesh shiraskar believes that PHD in Computer Science in Dubai are important skills for any student to possess.


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