Friday, 19 August 2016

Why Is Comprehensive Career Counseling Important?

There is a substantial relationship between our work and physical and mental health. Stress in any of these parts, such as work can threaten all other aspects of life and this is where career counseling plays an integral role. It is a method of assessing people’s values, interest and talents to help them discover a range of career options. It plays a vital role in supporting peoples career decisions that help them opt for the right job and brightens the realm of their work life.

Careers play a significant role in a person’s life, and hence, cannot be taken for granted. There are people who don’t get a dream job but are doing miracles at a job they never wanted to be. On the other hand, there are few people who are at the right place but disappoint when it comes to coping with the increasing burden of job responsibilities and gain recognition. In both these ways, a person fails to achieve their desired milestone, as it is not what their heart desires. Career counseling helps you to peep deep into your soul to get the right job with better team building and job responsibilities.

A counselor can be of great help in many ways to get a perfect job. Counseling is done one-on-one basis or simply in a group by asking problem solving interview questions towards a specific job, analyzing the individual skills, checking the aptitude for a specific job and learning the desired goals of an individual. It also helps to release stress of job search. Different people react inversely about the same tensions because of their experiences, backgrounds and values. Elevated stress levels in employees have a link with increased turnover, sickness, absenteeism, office politics, low morale and reduced productivity. Career counselors have a degree in psychology or counseling who use their strength to assist employees to know the way different characters work in a specialized setting. They also help individuals to improve their standard of work and boost individual’s level of confidence. This helps them to achieve milestones even under toughest job challenges and working conditions.

There are immense benefits of career counseling. Apart from it being a technical director in career direction, it also helps to maintain a flawless balance between professional and personal life. It also focuses on other aspects like better understanding, improving beneficial network, building interview skills and providing a brighter vision. It is also a guide for lost careers. When people switch jobs, the entire scenario is different in terms of responsibilities, team members, atmosphere and challenges. In such a case, a good counselor is like your best friend that helps an individual to befriend new challenges, new people and help gain strength to solve rough tasks with patience.

About Author:
Joy D’Souza clearly understands the importance of career counseling in an individual’s life.
The punch line here is that career counseling can do wonders in the personality and life of an individual. It brings out the hidden passion and talents to enhance career growth that takes an individual to better and newer heights.


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