Friday, 29 July 2016

Top Challenges In Project Management

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Project management is a job much different from a technical director, in the sense that they require a variety of skill sets, including those to handle the technical aspects of the job as well as those to handle the emotional aspect of the team.

These are some of the challenges you may come across as a project manager, along with their suggested solutions:

a. Hiring the team

A project requires a diverse range of professionals working together, and a successful project requires them to bond together as a group. This is something the manager has to ensure while choosing his team.

The solution to this problem may be problem solving interview questions for the prospective team members. This would help you analyze how they think and put together the like-minded professionals.

b. Motivating an unmotivated team member

Your team will have all kinds of members, those who are excited to work and those who couldn’t be less motivated about the job. And you need to learn to handle both the kinds.

A solution to handle the unmotivated team members is career counselling. If they’re not suitable to pursue the career they have chosen, you need to help them figure out what they are suitable for. Maybe not for the immediate goals of the team and the company, but to help the greater cause.

c. Office politics

The difference in attitudes, behaviors and, in some cases, background of the various team members, leads to conflict of opinion between the members of the team. More often than not, this takes the shape of office politics where one group tries to undermine the other in front of the higher ups, and one of the worst effects of this is the shift in focus of the members from their work to useless activities.

The solution to this can be to curb the conflict as soon as it starts without letting it grow to that level. This may be done by talking to the conflicting members and trying to mediate the issue, or by a strict approach, depending upon the circumstances.

It must be noted that the above mentioned solutions may work in some situations and may not in some others. The biggest trick in the job of a project manager is to figure out the unique solution to every problem before this problem enhances to a level they can’t recover from. The technical job of the project manager has its own challenges, but they may be figured out by books. But problems like handling office politics is something that requires a unique creativity and experience to figure out.

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The author has a vast experience on the job of career counseling and is now a writer and motivational speaker for those who are looking to follow his path.


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