Tuesday, 8 September 2015

How Justdial in US is making the most of its business directory

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Providing quick, free and effective information about almost every business, Justdial has made a great name for itself when it comes to information sharing. Proving to be a highly potent local search engine, JD US indexes local business listings thereby creating a rich database which comes more than handy, when one is looking for a phone number or address. Additionally it bridges the gap between users and businesses by helping users find relevant providers of products and services. Making the most of the resources, they has shown great consolidation by initiating 'search plus' services. With an aim to make day-to-day tasks conveniently actionable, We provides SME's (Small and Medium Business Enterprises) a platform to get discovered and transacted.

Through our free classified ads, businesses can reach people who are actively looking for information about their products and services. Promoting their brand across network, traders can attain higher visibility and newer customers. This free advertising online service also allows businesses to upload innumerable photos and videos of their establishments. This not only allows one to display their product or service better but also gives users an incentivised visual feel of the same. Also with their services being offered on multiple platforms of voice, web and mobile app, the chances of finding newer customers and extensive reach only increase.

The most recent additions to the search plus service allows visitors to make table reservations at restaurants, get flowers delivered, laundry pickup, order food, book doctor appointments among other things. It also enables users to sort these results based on location, distance, user ratings and price. Additional details like the year of establishment of the vendor, the JD's verified stamp, the overall ratings and the ratings of other customers are also provided to the user. A common underlying enabler across various categories, this beneficent business model not only comes as a great advantage to local vendors but also helps users in finding information about various products and services with utter ease. The consumer now does not need to visit multiple sites to undertake multiple activities.

All in all, Justdial in USA is playing to its strengths and giving other web search engines, a run for their money.

This article is written by San Wilson who is an avid researcher on web search engines and believes in the power of e-commerce.


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