Saturday, 29 November 2014

What is the work of a full service ad agency

The workings of an advertising agency are somewhat foggy and unclear to the masses. Most people believe that ad agencies handle only one form of media- television, radio or print. However, in actuality, a full service ad agency caters to every need of a brand, right from connecting with the masses to delivering what they want through different promotional channels. There are several spheres in which a good advertising agency India functions. Some of the major domains tapped by these agencies have been discussed below:

Print media- The range of print media includes magazines, brochures, newspapers, chronicles, weeklies and supplements too. A full service ad agency tailors campaigns which are highly impactful yet subtle through the use of catchphrases, taglines and imagery.

Outdoor Advertising- The advertisements you see displayed on billboards, hoardings and LED display are clubbed in this category. Outdoor advertising India uses infographics or images with little text in them so that people on the streets take notice and start taking a liking to the brand.

Television Advertisements: A short clip of 20 to 30 seconds airs in the break between segments and this serves to inform people about the latest offerings from a particular brand. Brands often introduce new product lines and innovations to the existing ones through this medium.

Internet Advertisements: A recent phenomenon in the Indian ad scene, it is growing rapidly thanks to the widening base of internet users. An advertising agency India creates podcasts, video blogs and blog posts for attracting consumers to their brands.

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