Thursday, 19 June 2014

About Tata Lpo 1618, types and its features


Schools have started and so has the rainy season. A perfect time to buy a Tata LPO 1618 bus, either for school kids or for monsoon picnics. Imagine how convenient it is for kids to go to schools by bus during rainy season, when roads are filled with water. It's a guarantee they will reach school and back home safely. This is about schools, what about monsoon picnics? The mere mention of the name sounds exciting, right? Yes, this is the best time for big groups to go on an afar picnic to have fun under the waterfalls and over the mountains. Read on to know more about this bus and how it will fit right for all your requirements.

There are two types of lpo 1618, one is a 48 seater school lpo 1618, this one is specially designed for school purpose. The other bus is 68/81 seater staff lpo 1618, designed for school staff and picnics. Tata motors commercial vehicles are designed especially keeping in mind the needs of their target audience. The seats are comfortable inside with spacious legroom and the engine is power for a break-free and smooth drive. The former and latter both consist of a water cooled, Turbocharged inter-cooled diesel engine. This gives good milage and great power while driving upwards on a steep slope. It is best not only for school kids during rainy season, but also for long drive and picnics on hilly regions.

Original Article on talks about Tata Lpo 1618, its types and its features. It also talks about the light vehicles designed by tata for commercial purpose.


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