Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Gold Jewellery Designs For Maharashtrian Brides

Gold Jewellery Designs

The perfect Maharashtrian bridal look is achieved with the right combination of 6 yards or 9 yards saree and perfect gold jewellery designs.

In this culture, pure gold jewellery is highly used. It is sometimes added with precious pearls, but use of diamonds, or meenakari and kundan is rarely seen. A variety of beautiful gold necklace designs are seen in jewellery stores that specialize in Maharashtrian jewellery. From head to toe, various jewellery pieces are available in gold and a few of these pieces are a must. This jewellery is complemented with a typical 9 yards or 6 yards 'Paithani' on the day of the wedding.

This type of saree holds a special place in every Maharashtrian bride's life. Authentic gold ornaments worn by a traditional Maharashtrian brides are: Nath – (Nose Ring/Stud) this is a traditional piece of jewellery worn in the nose and is designed in a semicircle shape and is made of pearls and gold.

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