Friday, 6 December 2013

Cloud Based Master Data Management

Cloud based MDM solutions

Cloud based MDM solutions are helping businesses achieve success with their data, through processes like data quality management. But how useful are they?

MDM has revolutionised the way that most companies function, with almost every business employing master data management vendors to work with them, towards achieving better results with their master data hub. Data management has now become the core necessity in every sphere, with MDM solutions being placed at the centre of IT functions. As the art of data management is a constantly evolving process, the market will keep growing and developing to a stage, where newer and better processes will soon take over the older ones, providing better features and functionality along the way. Most data experts believe that the future is now; and that future is: Deploying MDM initiatives on cloud. As predicted, Cloud based MDM will have a huge impact on the MDM market, and vendors will most likely switch to solutions that operate on cloud.

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