Thursday, 2 May 2013

History Of Microchip


Once upon a time, Jack Kilby was hired by a company called Texas instruments. They were working on the concept of integrated circuits. Their idea was to pack multiple transistors into a chip. Doing that would reduce the distance between circuits and accelerate the flow of instructions in the machines. It was summer thus a lot of Kilby’s colleagues were off on vacations. As Jack Kilby was new at his job, he worked vigorously over the concept. When his colleagues came back from the vacation, they were presented with a prototype of the microchip developed by Jack. He packed many transistors in one chip starting a revolution, which would involve packing hundreds of transistors in a chip.

Whoever said that 'Size doesn't matter' was probably talking about the microchip. You are able to read this blog post because your computer is being supported by a small microchip.
To know the history of the microchip which runs your system, read the complete blog.


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