Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Common Mistakes That Every Copywriter Makes

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A good copy is not only informational, but persuasive too. Because ultimately, all the copies are targeted towards the promotion of products and services. A good copy concentrates on the features of a product without overshadowing the benefits associated with it. Focusing too much on the features and avoiding the benefits completely is a sure way to ward off potential customers. Every Copywriter should completely avoid writing a copy from the first person perspective unless and until they are connecting to the audience with their write-up. Remember, the sole purpose of your copy is not for self-promotion, but for the promotion of your products and services.

The fate of every copy depends upon its headline. Ideally, an effective copy should comprise of a unique title, informational and persuasive body, and should end with a call to take desired action. With better distribution and presentation, the content should concentrate more on the customer-end benefits.

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