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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Legacy Of Indian Jewellery

Legacy Of Indian Jewellery

The origination of Indian jewellery can be traced back to the history of our nation. In the ancient times, Indian women felt the need to beautify themselves, thus leading to the creation of jewellery. The inundation of precious stones and gems in the Indian land resulted in it being used in various forms of ornaments, to enhance one's beauty. The availability of these gems and metals was one of the reasons why foreigners were attracted to India. The reasons for owning jewellery now, and then has been different however. Earlier, it was to showcase their wealth, power and prestige in the society, whereas now, it is more of a symbol of having a secure financial investment.

What further adds to the charm and aura of Indian jewellery is that every part of the country has made its own contribution to the numerous styles of jewellery. For example, the delicate silver filigree work is well known in Orissa and Andhra Pradesh, while jewellery with Meenakumari work, which consists of enamel in its jewels, is famous in Jaipur. Kundan jewellery made from precious and semi precious stones is widely used in Delhi. Another ancient type of jewellery, which originated from West Bengal is Navrattan, consisting of nine gemstones, namely ruby, sapphire, emerald, coral, turquoise, cat's eye, opal, pearl and diamond.


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Gold Prices in India

Gold prices saw its lowest hit since 1983 on 15th April. This fall has been defined as the worst hit in the past 30 years. From the then high-priced, but now inexpensive 1800/10g, gold prices went on to touch the sky with a whooping 30,000/10g till the first week of April. With the second week of April ushering in, gold prices went on to fall worse than a descending superstar on a path to self- destruction and fell down to a low 27,000/10g. It gradually decreased even lower than worst hit it had ever seen and has settled for a few hundreds less than 26,000 Indian Rupees this week.

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Monday, 15 April 2013

Renew The Life Of Your Gold Jewellery

cleaning gold jewellery

While cleaning gold jewellery, it is essential to avoid any harsh chemicals, soaps, oil or cleaning powders, as it will ruin the appearance of the jewellery making it uneven and dull. Ideally one should use their jewellery only when required and should avoid using it while performing house-hold chores. Wearing jewellery with designs regularly, would lead to the accumulation of dir and make it lose its shine. Ornaments are also prone to lose its shine, if it comes in contact with make-up and perfume.

Ideally, it is better to avoid cleaning any Indian jewellery by yourself, if it has precious stones or is painted. Gold ornaments should be cleansed with warm diluted dish washing liquids to preserve its appearance and shine. Ornaments should be soaked in some diluted detergent and gently dried after rinsing it with plain water. For removing hardened stains and dirt, some regular toothpaste should be rubbed with the help of a small piece of cotton. To drain excess water from the jewellery a soft cloth should be used. Tissues should be totally avoided as they may leave residues or form scratches on the jewellery. Ideally, one should give their jewellery professional care at least once a year in case they use it frequently. Frequent cleaning and proper maintenance will redeem the look of the jewellery, making it appear brand new even after using it for decades.


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Jewellery Designs That Capture Your Heart

When it comes to gifting an article to a woman, people often pick up bangles or necklaces, available at any jewellery showroom without a second thought. Although, women use all kinds of accessories like brooches, tiaras, bracelets, hairpins and amulets, it’s the necklaces and the rings, which win hands down in the gold jewellery category. Gold jewellery adds that personal touch of glamour to every attire and complements every individual, irrespective of the occasion.

The best thing about gold jewellery is that it is never out of fashion. It complements every attire and accentuates the features of the wearer. Moreover, it is always a good investment, as the value of gold is soaring high with every new day. Warm colored crystals set in pure gold work as wonderful statement rings and gemstones set in diamond chandelier earrings look brilliant. So, experiment and don’t fail to mix and match as that is what defines you and makes you look dazzling, just like the jewellery you adorn.

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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Nothing Like The Charm Of Indian Jewellery

The best way to buy a gold necklace for your loved one would be to start saving for it so that you can gift her exquisite present. Nothing beats the joy of showing your love and affection through a unique design, specially styled for that special someone. The charm and elegance exhibited by different kinds of jewellery is hard to miss. No wonder the jeweller's shop is always a crowded place, irrespective of the day or month.

Nowadays, the designs of Indian gold jewellery are a combination of ethnic and contemporary styles. Gone are the days when a large piece of gold ornament was the only highlight of the entire outfit. The focus has now shifted to selected pieces of jewellery that enhance your beauty, along with complimenting the attire worn by you. A statement piece of jewellery is enough to make one the cynosure of all eyes, garnering attention and never ending praises.

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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Indian Gold Jewellery - A Perfect Blend of Tradition and Irresistible Elegance

Any Indian festival or auspicious occasion is incomplete without adorning a piece of gold jewelry. The aura and simplicity surrounding Indian gold jewellery is hard to miss as it attracts hoards of people towards itself. Indian women have always been fascinated by any jewellery made of gold as it gives them a sense of prestige, apart from adding a touch of traditional feel.

Though the prices of Indian gold jewellery keep fluctuating from time to time, it rarely affects the demand. It holds a place in most Indian ceremonies and auspicious functions. Of the 32% of Indian gold that is accounted for in the Global gold market, half is spent on buying gold - jewelry for a number of weddings that take place around the year. Wedding signify the importance of gold and are incomplete without it.

There are various reasons as to why G. jewelry holds such an important place in Indian tradition, especially in weddings. The idea of parents gifting G. jewelry to daughters on the occasion of their wedding has a sentimental value attached to it. This also gives the bride a sense of security and protectiveness. It ensures a secure and financially independent future as gold eventually translates into money with constant appreciation of value.

Apart from the aforementioned reasons, prestige and status also play a huge role during the gifting of G. jewelry. It showcases the amount of wealth one possesses in front of the people present and this makes them beam with pride and honour. Another essential quality that a piece of gold jewelry possesses is flexibility. A gold design made many years ago can be remade into something in sync with the current fashion and trend without spending a bomb on it all over again.

As the love for gold among Indians is well known, jewellers come up with various discounts and offers, especially during festivals and special occasions. Certain Indian mythological stories are also responsible for the popularity and demand for gold jewelry. 'Brahma', one of the Hindu Gods, is also known as Hiranyagarbha, which means that he is an embodiment of everything that gold represents. There is also a belief that he was born out of a Cosmic gold egg.

Some of the Indian occasions where buying G. jewelry is considered auspicious includes Dhanteras, Dasserra, Durga Pooja and Navratri. Since a lot of customs and traditions are involved with the gifting or purchasing of a piece of gold - jewelry, gold always enjoys a certain superiority over other forms of jewelry.

About the Author

Ashish Kaith's expertise with Indian gold jewellery goes back a long way. His observation skills are commendable and he has contributed a lot to the field of gold jewelry through his blogs and writings.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Adorning Platinum Jewelry

There are certain things that a woman cannot get enough of, jewellery being one of them. Being a woman's most wanted accessory, the demand for jewellery never declines. Though gold jewelry has been a favourite among women across all age groups, platinum - jewelry is also slowly gaining momentum over time. In the past decade, P. jewelry has been one of the most preferred ornaments of women.

The primary reason for the increasing popularity of platinum jewelry is its look which is chic and contemporary. While gold jewelry gives a sense of prestige and status, platinum - jewelry oozes confidence and intelligence. That said, both of them have their loyal followers and are brilliant in their own unique way.

Metals used for the making of jewelry belong to only one group as a whole. However, owing to its rarity, platinum costs more than other metals and hence, we have to spend more when purchasing p. jewelry as compared to gold or silver jewelry. The royal white glow that platinum exhibits is one of a kind and hence, is most desired by women.

Pairing platinum products with precious gemstones makes its appearance all the more appealing and attractive. The aesthetic value of any platinum - jewelry lies in its simplicity and manages to attract women and jewelers alike. The high price that accompanies its rare beauty and unique appeal is the reason for the huge demand and desire that platinum boasts of.

Apart from its exquisite and dazzling appearance, p. jewelry also assures high durability and flexibility. This is the major reason why many people opt for platinum engagement and wedding rings. Platinum enjoys royalty in the market due to its weight, which is usually higher than gold or silver. If you're looking for something that will last for a long time without much maintenance, then platinum jewelry is the thing for you.

Along with the increasing popularity of p. jewelry, the number of options to choose from is also increasing. Platinum jewelry has evolved with the role of women in society. Women today have a number of tasks to perform and platinum compliments this nature of women very well with its robust yet elegant feel.

This precious metal known as platinum not only attracts women, but attracts men too. Since it signifies strength and power, men tend to relate to it easily. Also, some people are allergic to silver or gold jewelry which makes platinum their best option.

About the Author

Ashish Kaith is of the opinion that gold jewelry and platinum jewelry are the best ornaments one can buy as platinum symbolises poise and elegance and gold portrays customs and wealth. Both are unique in their respective ways.